Friday, June 21, 2013

HP SPECIAL REPORT: Stand Up and Cheer for TV!

Here's a very happy Heath Post Special Report! A 2002 WKU grad from Winchester has been cast for a prime-time television program airing Tuesdays this fall on ABC! My new favorite television program, Lucky 7, stars Matt Long as Matt Korzak, one of seven employees of a Queens gas station who together win a lottery jackpot.

Warning Explicit Content

Stay tuned to HP for additional breaking Matt Long reports as events warrant, plus the premiere this fall of the HP's Lucky 7 episode guide. Hooray for TV! You and me and WKU's Matt Long and ABC, we're talkin' it over and workin' it out (workin' it out!)!


  1. Oh, man, a Joey Baird episode of Mad Men is on right now, and it reminds me that I completely forgot about Matt Long's ABC show this fall!