Friday, June 21, 2013

College Baseball Update

OK, so now there are only four teams left -- one from the SEC, one from the ACC, and two from the Pac-12.  Here's what has been happening in Omaha:

Bracket One:
Mississippi St. 5, Oregon St. 4
Indiana 2, Louisville 0
Oregon St. 11, Louisville 4 (Louisville eliminated)
Mississippi St. 5, Indiana 4
Oregon St. 1, Indiana 0 (Indiana eliminated)

Oregon St. will play Mississippi St. today at 2 P.M. Central.  If MSU wins, they're in the Final.  If Oregon St. wins, the two teams will meet tomorrow a 2 P.M. Central to decide the bracket winner.

Bracket Two:
N. Carolina St. 8, N. Carolina 1
UCLA 2, Louisiana St. 1
N. Carolina 4, Louisiana St. 2 (Louisiana St. eliminated)
UCLA 2, N. Carolina St. 1
N. Carolina 7, N. Carolina St. 0 (N. Carolina St. eliminated)

It was always inevitable that NCSU would have their season ended by UNC, so I'm almost relieved to have that over with.  I would only point out that the last time NCSU got the better of UNC was when the Wolfpack won the 1983 NCAA men's basketball tournament.  Of course, within a few years NCSU's coach had been disgraced for cheating, and the NCSU program was damaged in ways from which it has not yet recovered.  But -- as Louisville fans will soon learn -- going head-to-head with the Heels is no walk in the park.  At least the NCSU baseball team competed, and didn't let the fact that they can never win a big game against UNC discourage them from winning other big games.

Now the Heels will have to beat UCLA tonight at 7 P.M. Central -- and tomorrow at 7:30 P.M. Central -- in order to advance to the Final.  If UCLA wins either game, then the Bruins will be in the Final.

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  1. Congratulations to Mississippi State, which beat Oregon State 4-1 to reach the Final of the College World Series for the first time in school history.