Monday, December 17, 2012

1975: Any 11, Heat 1

Our tournament's first heat of 11 tapes or records features the following lineup:

A few things about these albums ...

It's hard to imagine to just how objectionable Hillary Rodham (Mrs. Bill Clinton as of Oct. 11, 1975) might've found this Tammy Wynette album had she made it among the 11 records or tapes she purchased for only $1.86. ... The Pointer Sisters were versatile as all get-out. ... Everything Stevie Wonder was doing around this time was interesting. Everything. ... The liner notes for Simon & Garfunkel's Wednesday Morning, 3 AM record is a letter from Art Garfunkel to Paul Simon, and, from that letter, here's what he had to say about "The Sounds of Silence," which appears on both that album and the greatest-hits collection in our first heat: The song "is a major work. We were looking for a song on a larger scale, but this was more than either of us expected. Paul had the theme and the melody set in November, but three months of frustrating attempts were necessary before the song 'burst forth.' On February 19, 1964, the song practically wrote itself. Its theme is man's inability to communicate with man. The author sees the extent of communication as it is on only its most superficial and 'commercial' level (of which the 'neon sign' is representative). There is no serious understanding because there is no serious communication--'people talking without speaking--hearing without listening.' No one dares take the risk of reaching out ('take my arms that I might reach you') to disturb the sound of silence. The poet's attempts are equally futile ('... but my words like silent raindrops fells within the wells of silence'). The ending is an enigma. I find my own meaning in it, but like most good works, it is best interpreted by each person individually. The words tell us that when meaningful communication fails, the only sound is silence.'" ... " ... When Billy Joel saw Helen Reddy doing this Oct. 10, 1975, performance of his "You're My Home" on TV, he must've felt like a real stud. ...What an exciting Kenny Loggins moment we had at the HP this past week!

And, so, advancing to the second round ...

Here's the thing about greatest-hits collections--they make excellent Christmas gifts. If it turns out the recipient already has the greatest-hits collection or doesn't want it, it makes for a fantastic and versatile regift situation. Besides, this album surely has to rank as one of the all-time greatest-hits collections. 1975 I have missed Simon & Garfunkel, and it's great to have them back--even if they are just spinning oldies but goodies.

More on the Any 11 tournament:

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  1. This was an excellent idea. I should've kept going with it.