Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Book Review: Interactive History Adventure Series

My wife is teaching children's literature this year at a university and has happily discovered the Interactive History Adventure (You Choose Books) series. These are historical fiction books that use the create your own adventure model.

The one she gave me to look at was the Westward Expansion volume and I must say I found it to be quite fun. I enjoyed seeing just how many decisions would get me killed back in the day and I learned some history stuff along the way. Let's just say if your family gets sick with cholera while on the Oregon Trail you are better to leave them to die rather than stay and help them, assuming you want to live.

The idea here is quite smart and I believe may be a good tool for teaching early readers about history. She and I really find the idea interesting and personally I would like to read some more. I'm really curious to read the one about the Titanic.


  1. These sound great! How recommended would you say they are?

    1. I don't know I really enjoyed this one. The reviews on Amazon for all of them are pretty much five star across the board.