Sunday, April 29, 2012

1975: Vacation planning

I just caught up on the March 1975 National Geographic, so I'm feeling behind on my summer-vacation planning. The issue is just chock-full of getaway enticements.

The South brings it very strong, and I might be enticed to write Gov. Wallace and get on to and then off of the Alabama Interstates. But I did that last summer.

The West, too, is strongly represented, and I'm impressed with Oregon's doubletruck play for my time and money. And given the economic challenges of the day, I am moved by that state's spin that it is the cost-effective, one-stop-shop for a global smorgasbord of holiday delights. Oregon is vacation's Ponderosa Grand Buffet, and I do declare that I have taken some comfort at the Ponderosa Grand Buffet.

But, then, here comes Canada!

I am nearly--very nearly--convinced to follow that station wagon to Manitoba.

But, alas, the winner is British Columbia. The prospect of cracking up my own fetching, affectionate and relaxed wife with witty repartee about antique lamps and coffee pots is just too much to resist. 1975 me would've absolutely been writing off for more pictures and information from the B.C. Department of Travel Industry--or seeing my local travel agent.


  1. I love why you chose B.C.

  2. I can't imagine anything less likely to persuade National Geographic readers in 1975 to visit Alabama than a picture of George Wallace -- unless it's a bunch of Confederate flags.

    But Eric is right. I watch a lot of CNBC, where all the commercials are aimed at middle-aged men, and nothing appeals to the middle-aged man demographic like a guy cracking up his wife.

  3. I like it on the Alabama ad that the little form you mail in to request for information is actually addressed to Gov. Wallace.

    Meanwhile, this weekend 1975 in Vietnam, ...