Wednesday, July 28, 2021

XXXIII Olympic Summer Games, Tokyo 2020 (Day 6)

1. Japan 13 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze
2. China 12, 6, 9
3. United States 11, 11, 9
4. Australia 6, 1, 9
5. Great Britain 5, 6, 5
6. South Korea 4, 2, 5
7. Germany 3, 2, 5
8. France 3, 2, 3
9. Netherlands 2, 6, 3
10. Canada 2, 3, 4
11. Hungary 2, 1, 2
12. Slovenia 2, 1, 1
13. Kosovo 2, 0, 0
14. Italy 1, 6, 8
15. Switzerland 1, 3, 2
16. Chinese Taipei 1, 2, 3
17. Brazil 1, 2, 2
T18. Georgia 1, 2, 0
T18. Romania 1, 2, 0
20. Serbia 1, 1, 2
21. Austria 1, 1, 1
T22. Hong Kong 1, 1, 0
T22. Tunisia 1, 1, 0
T24. Croatia 1, 0, 1
T24. Estonia 1, 0, 1
T24. Uzbekistan 1, 0, 1
T27. Bermuda 1, 0, 0
T27. Ecuador 1, 0, 0
T27. Fiji 1, 0, 0
T27. Iran 1, 0, 0
T27. Latvia 1, 0, 0
T27. Norway 1, 0, 0
T27. Philippines 1, 0, 0
T27. Thailand 1, 0, 0
T35. New Zealand 0, 2, 1
T35. Spain 0, 2, 1
37. South Africa 0, 2, 0
T38. Indoneia 0, 1, 2
T38. Mongolia 0, 1, 2
T40. Belgium 0, 1, 1
T40. Czech Republic 0, 1, 1
T42. Bulgaria 0, 1, 0
T42. Colombia 0, 1, 0
T42. Denmark 0, 1, 0
T42. India 0, 1, 0
T42. Jordan 0, 1, 0
T42. North Macedonia 0, 1, 0
T42. Poland 0, 1, 0
T42. Turkmenistan 0 1, 0
T42. Venezuela 0, 1, 0
T51. Kazakhstan 0, 0, 3
T51. Ukraine 0, 0, 3
T53. Egypt 0, 0, 2
T53. Mexico 0, 0, 2
T53. Turkey 0, 0, 2
T56. Argentina 0, 0, 1
T56. Cuba 0, 0, 1
T56. Ireland 0, 0, 1
T56. Israel 0, 0, 1
T56. Ivory Coast 0, 0, 1
T56. Kuwait 0, 0, 1
It's fun to type that out, but I'm embarrassed to note how many of them I can't find on a blank map.
By the way, they've also given 23 medals to athletes from Russia, which cheated at an Olympics it hosted.
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  1. Tonight I have the Red Sox at home against the Blue Jays. Red Sox lead 2-0 in the top of the 3d.

  2. Went to bed on my Wednesday night in Madisonville not long after Caleb Dressel won gold in the men's 100-meter freestyle final in his Thursday morning in Tokyo; woke up on my Thursday morning to his competing in heats of some other race on his Thursday evening.

  3. I probably wouldn't end up watching it very much, but I wish they would use MSNBC or CNBC or whatever channel throughout the Olympics to show stuff around the sports. It'd be good to check in every so often and see what's going on at the athletes village or hotel lobbies or whatever. I know everything's constrained because of the pandemic this Olympics, but I'm sure there are all sorts of cottage events taking place around Olympics typically--concerts, trade shows, conventions of sporting-goods manufacturers, etc. I'd like to be able to check in on all of that. Also, it'd be good to have a lot of stuff from the airport when athletes or TV people are arriving or leaving town.

    In a little bit, I'm going to go look up "cottage" in the dictionary to see if I used it correctly there as an adjective. I use it as an adjective quite a bit, but I wonder if I've been using it wrong all these years.

  4. After one round of the men's golf tournament:

    1. Sepp Straka, Austria, -8
    2. Jazz Janewattanond, Thailand, -7
    T3. Carlos Ortiz, Mexico, -6
    T3. Thomas Pieters, Belgium -6

    Top Americans of Round 1 were Patrick Reed of San Antonio, Texas, and Xander Schauffele of San Diego, California, both 3-under and T12. Collin Morikawa of Los Angeles was 2-under and T20, and Justin Thomas of Louisville St. X was even and T41. There is no cut after two rounds of this tournament.

  5. Live women's volleyball on USA Network ... Team USA won the first set and leads Turkey in the second, 10-9 ...

  6. Team USA wins the second set and trails the third, 2-1 ...

  7. The United States has gone silver, silver, bronze in this event in the last three Olympics, and it has never won women's volleyball gold.

  8. Team USA is 2-0 in Pool B; Turkey 1-1.

    Turkey leads, 13-9, in the third set.

  9. There have been 14 of these tournaments. The old Soviet Union won four of the gold medals, and that still tops the all-time medals table. Cuba won three in a row starting at Barcelona 1992; China won at Athens 2004; Brazil won at Beijing 2008 and London 2012, and then China won again at Rio 2016. So it’s China and Cuba after the USSR with three golds apiece, and the Brazil and Japan have two each.

    Cuba did not qualify for Tokyo 2020, and China is 0-3 in Pool B play. China was shut out in both of its first two matches, against Turkey and Team USA, and then lost earlier today to the athletes from Russia (which cheated at its own Olympics). So the defending champs are in danger of not advancing to the knockout tournament.

    Brazil is 3-0 in Pool A; Japan, 1-2.

  10. Turkey wins the third, so now Team USA leads in sets, 2-1.

  11. I'm so thankful for the HP. I have so much fun posting here.

  12. Whoa, Nellie! Better buckle up your chin straps for this one. I've got this thing on mute, so I don't know if what the commentators are saying, but this looks like the intensity has gone up about four ticks to the right. It's 7-4, Turkey, in the fourth, and people are flying all over the court ...

  13. Approaching midnight in Tokyo ... 19-16, Turkey, in the fourth ... one of Turkey's players is a graying woman who appears to be that mom who is simply not leaving the middle-school lobby until the principal gives her a straight answer on what's up with the gifted-and-talented funding for next semester ...

  14. Match point ... Team USA has made miraculous save after miraculous save in this set, only to have Turkey come back with a crushing spike, sometimes off an American face ...

  15. Turkey evens the match, and the G/T mom looses a tremendous howl.

  16. Team USA takes the first point of the fifth and deciding set ... you need 25 of them ...

  17. USA Network scoreboard is on the fritz; I'm pretty sure it's 4-1, Americans, in the fifth set.

    Correction: The one player for Turkey doesn't have graying hair; it's that she appears to have colored part of her hair a turquoise-ish color.

    Now 6-2, Team USA, and USA Network's scoreboard working again.

  18. 7-5 ... Turkey closing after a timeout ...

  19. Coach Karch Kiraly swallows hard, and Turkey evens the fifth and deciding set at 7 ...

  20. Oh, wow. Turkey serves into the net out of the break. 8-7, Team USA ...

  21. Teams switch ends and then Turkey point, Turkey point, USA point, Turkey point, USA point ...

    USA 2-10
    TUR 2-10

  22. U.S. serve problem now ... 11-10, Turkey ...

  23. The turquoise-haired Turkey boss is appropriately named "Boz."

  24. 14-12 ... pending Turkey's challenge of the last Team USA point ... they got one of these earlier ... NO DICE HERE, THOUGH! ...

  25. And this is why it's good to know how these games work. It turns out that 15 points wins a fifth set, and, indeed, Team USA gets to 15 first! A few minutes into Friday in Tokyo, and Team USA remains unbeaten in women's volleyball pool play.

    Turkey is 1-2 in Pool A but one tough out.

    1. I find volleyball to be the most nerve-wracking of all sports to watch when I have a rooting interest. I couldn't watch UK in the NCAA Tournament this year, and I can't watch the USA in the Olympics. Those prior Olympics where our women came up just short of the gold broke me.

  26. Oh, neat, it appears our old friend Emma Talley is winning some women's (but-not-Olympics) tournament on Golf Channel.

    1. She is leading the ISPS Handa World Invitational Presented by Modest! Golf Management Tournament in Galgorm, Northern Ireland.

  27. Replies
    1. It's a great sport, although I'm not clear on what the defense can do to stop the offense.

    2. It seems to me that in handball, the defense is constantly hitting or tackling the offense in ways that seem like fouls, but apparently are not.

    3. Yes, And the penalty for fouls that actually are called is super severe. I don’t think I have seen anyone miss a foul shot.

  28. Most nerve-wracking sports to watch when I have a rooting interest:

    1. Volleyball
    2. Hockey
    3. Soccer
    4. Tennis
    5. Gymnastics

    1. This is a good list. I would say about tennis and get figure skating in there, but OK. Oh, and diving.

    2. I have no hope at all when I watch diving, so it's not nerve-wracking.

    3. "Sub out," not "say about." Was using the voice-recognition software on my phone while doing a pickup from Marching Maroons practice. You might have a lot of marching-band coverage to look forward to at the HP once these Olympics are through and if you're not interested in reading about Match Game and Tattletales episodes from 1975.

  29. Least upsetting sports to watch when I have a rooting interest:

    1. Auto Racing
    2. Track and Field
    3. Swimming
    4. Basketball
    5. Football

  30. Highly recommended: appearance by Washington Post columnist Barry Svrluga On Yesterdays Tony Kornheiser podcast. Great stuff about the experience of covering these games.

  31. Latest medal standings from 538 (ERIC, DON'T LOOK IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW):

    1. United States: 38 medals (14, 14, 10): 6 below expectations
    2. China: 31 medals (15,7,9): 1 above expectations
    3. Russia: 28 (8,11,9): plus 13
    4. Japan: 25 (15,4,6): minus 8
    5. Australia: 20 (8,2,10): plus 4