Monday, April 12, 2021

College Baseball

Over the weekend, Georgia went to Nashville and took two of three from Vandy, taking the series by scores of 14-2, 2-5, and 9-1.  So the Dores fall to 9-3 in the SEC, and 25-5 overall, and your new number-one team is Arkansas:

1.  Arkansas:  26-5
2.  Vanderbilt:  25-5
3.  Texas:  25-8
4.  Mississippi St:  24-7
5.  Tennessee:  27-6
6.  Mississippi:  24-8
7.  Louisville:  20-10
8.  Texas Tech:  22-7
9.  E. Carolina:  26-5
10.  Notre Dame:  15-6


  1. There may have been a time in the late 1980's when both Vandy and Tennessee were in the top five of women's basketball. Other than that, I can't remember Vandy and UT ever both being this good in the same sport at the same time. Of course, I knew that once Vandy had so much success at baseball, UT would have to go after them.

  2. Are the Braves going to wear these 1974 uniforms all year? Because I think they look great.

  3. Except for the Indians, the Astros, and (maybe) the Rangers, most MLB uniforms in 1974 were better than they are now.

  4. Vandy got back on the winning track with a 6-4 win over Eastern Kentucky in Nashville. Dores are now 26-5 on the year.