Monday, April 12, 2021


Here's the Lawrence Welk Show from Saturday, April 12, 1975:

Also, baseball season has started!


  1. I like a county fair. I prefer a Christmas parade or a football game or a basketball tournament, but I like a county fair.

  2. All of you people out there who had parents who ordered an organ from the Sears catalog in the 1960s and '70s, take heed: If there are any of you still out there whom I haven't yet helped move your heirloom organ to its "forever home," you're running out of time--I think my back has only about four or five more organ moves left in it.

  3. Man, that St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 was a big deal. It just got some more love on this Lawrence Welk.

  4. I would love to go to Expo 2023. I've done some writing about digital convergence in Buenos Aires.

    1. Buenos Aires is an amazing place. I would really like to spend about three months there.

  5. Now people are dancing to "Candy Man." I both danced and heard "Candy Man" over this past weekend, but I did not dance to "Candy Man."

  6. Wherever you live throughout the land,
    there's something about a hometown band

    Man, I agree with that. In related news, I am thrilled to report I am about to become a marching-band dad.

  7. Jose Feliciano's "Golden Lady" is very good. He's on today 1975's American Bandstand, and here he is performing on Soul Train.