Tuesday, April 13, 2021


It's Sunday, April 13, 1975, and everyone's just mad about Harry. Even Bobby Knight ...


  1. I remember this Truman nostalgia very well. It was very strange, because before the 1970's Eisenhower was significantly more popular than Truman. And in this century, most people think Ike was a better president than Truman. But in the 1970's, they went in a different direction.

    1. I think it's because people regret the awful things they said about presidents they decide weren't that bad after getting one they think was really bad.

  2. The Jeffersons finished its first, short season on CBS on Saturday, April 12, 1975. It feels like I saw every Jeffersons at least a half-dozen times, and, indeed, I remember each of the episodes in Wikipedia.org's descriptions of the Jan. 18-April 12 run--except the season-closer, in which Jenny's brother returns home from Paris. I didn't remember this character at all, and he won't turn up again until 1978.

  3. This doesn't bother me. I don't expect a lot of continuity or even believability from shows like The Jeffersons. The daughter and I got into a conversation about this while she looked at a cooking show hosted by Joanna Gaines. It bothers her that Joanna Gaines never sounds a false note--that her kitchen always looks great, that all of the dishes (or homes) turn out great and that she never says anything stupid. Of course, she doesn't, I told her--it's a produced show, and they go back and reshoot if anything goes haywire. But the daughter tends to prefer amateur YouTube videos to most slick TV and movies. And so Joanna Gaines and The Jeffersons largely aren't her cup of tea. They are mine, though.

    1. My kids don't like sitcoms at all, because they don't like situations that result in people being embarrassed. They genuinely find sitcoms to be more stressful than entertaining.

  4. I find Top of the Pops about as satisfying relative to American Bandstand and Soul Train as I found NBC's Friday Night Videos to MTV.

    1. Actually, it occurs to me that American Top of the Pops eventually was Solid Gold.

  5. No. 1 song in the UK is "Bye-Bye, Baby" by the Bay City Rollers, and we're about four months from "Saturday Night" dropping in the USA. The sixth-graders' lip-sync of "Saturday Night" at a Concord Elementary chili supper/talent show in the 1975-76 school year was absolutely my favorite live performance of any type to date.

  6. This is a good time to mention that: (1) the 1975 Masters is one of the greatest golf tournaments ever played, and (2) we blogged about it back in April 2011.

    1. Yes, we did!

      After coming from behind in the second round, falling from ahead in the third round and then coming from behind to win the 1975 Masters on Sunday, April 13, Jack Nicklaus is embracing talk of his winning golf's Grand Slam. Here’s Dana Mozley in the New York Daily News two days later:

      The golf courses for the other three legs of a potential Slam are, this year, very favorale to Nicklaus. All are so long and so tough, there is almost no likelihood a non-entity or even a good—not-great—layer can beat him on any one of them. Only the great ones like (Johnny) Miller, (Tom) Weiskopf, Gary Player and Lee Trevino could.

      The U.S. Open will be played at Medinah outside Chicago in June; the British Open at Scotland’s Carnoustie in July and the PGA at Firestone in Akron in August.

    2. In 1960, Arnold Palmer won the Masters and the U.S. Open, thus provoking the first serious discussion of a "Grand Slam" since the days of Bobby Jones. Palmer lost the British Open by one shot.

    3. In 1972, Nicklaus won the Masters and U.S. Open, again provoking talk of a Grand Slam. At Muirfield, Nicklaus shot a 66 in the last round to tie the course record, but lost to Lee Trevino by one shot.

  7. Red Sox 3-1
    Brewers 3-1
    Tigers 0.5 games back
    Orioles 1.5
    Indians 1.5
    Yankees 2.5

    A’s 4-1
    Angels 0.5
    Royals 0.5
    Twins 2
    White Sox 3
    Rangers 3

    Pirates 0.5
    Cardinals 4-1
    Cubs 1
    Mets 2
    Phillies 2.5
    Expos 3

    Padres 2-1
    Reds 3-2
    Braves 3-2
    Astros 3-2
    Giants 1
    Dodgers 2

  8. You wouldn't be familiar with my immediate influences--they're mostly Dutch 1970s pop artists.