Monday, September 26, 2016

2016: TUCFC Week 5

Texas A&M dominated the second half of their TUCFC game with Arkansas winning 45-24.  They now sit at 4-0 and will travel to South Carolina to defend their title.  South Carolina having just lost to Kentucky is not expected to put up much of a fight, but one never knows. 

I was going to talk about the fact that Les Miles would probably be fired at the end of the season, but that has already happened so let's look instead at how things are shaping up. 

The new team to raise eyebrows is Wisconsin with their 30-6 drubbing of Michigan State.  It's a weird web but their wins over LSU and Michigan State don't look as good today as they would have looked last week.  It is setting up an interesting dynamic in the Big 10.  Ohio State and Michigan are the obvious top dogs in the Big 10, and now we have Nebraska and Wisconsin left to try and knock them off.  In the SEC we have quickly narrowed it down to 3 teams of interest:  Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas A&M.  Both teams play Alabama and they are the only other two teams that would currently have a shot at making the playoff.  In the Pac 12 it has come down to Stanford and Washington with Utah and Arizona State being forgotten at the moment, and the ACC has come down to Louisville and Clemson with everyone ignoring Wake Forest and Miami.  Baylor and West Virginia are the only options left for the Big 12 and no one wants to see Baylor in the playoff.  Houston still sits as the one wild card.  If they can keep winning as they are they may get a shot at the playoff. 

All in all it's an interesting year.  The Big 10 seems to be the real power conference this year but one never knows how things will break down in the end. 

Games to Watch

Stanford (3-0) at Washington (4-0)
     When Washington hired Chris Peterson away from Boise State I thought it was a brilliant move and it seems that things are finally playing out the way they envisioned.  If they can beat Stanford they will be in the drivers seat of the Pac 12. 

Louisville (4-0) at Clemson (4-0)
     It's crazy that Louisville is facing another top 5 team in so few weeks but here we are, this time on the road.  If the winner of this game can finish undefeated then they are in the playoff. 

Wisconsin (4-0) at Michigan (4-0)
     Everyone is wondering just how good Wisconsin is, well we'll find out this weekend. 

Week 5 Power Rating

5Ohio State3-012.375149.6500.0000.000162.025
6Texas A&M4-024.688131.1250.0000.000155.813
8Miami (Florida)3-010.875140.6250.0000.000151.500

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