Thursday, September 29, 2016

NFL AP Poll: Week 4

The big NFL news last weekend was that the Philadelphia Eagles, behind their rookie quarterback from North Dakota State, crushed top-ranked Pittsburgh by the score of 34 to 3.  I was all excited to watch the Eagles in Week 4, only to learn that they and the Packers are on a bye week.  Yes, it's that time of the year -- weeks and weeks of teams on bye and teams going to London.

Anyway, here's what the top 10 looks like.  You will notice two very familiar names at the top -- and props to the Vikings for getting off to such a good start, with wins over Green Bay and Carolina.  Also, it's fun to see that Pittsburgh is tied with Baltimore:

T1.  New England:  3-0
T1.  Denver:  3-0
3.  Minnesota:  3-0
4.  Philadelphia:  3-0
5.  Green Bay:  2-1
6.  Seattle:  2-1
T7.  Pittsburgh:  2-1
T7.  Baltimore:  3-0
9.  Kansas City:  2-1
10.  Carolina:  1-2

The Dolphins (1-2) beat Cleveland in overtime -- and fell from 23d to 26th.  The Redskins (1-2) came from behind to beat the Giants on the road, and rose from 27th to 20th.

The Game of the Week is on Sunday night in Pittsburgh, where the Steelers will host the Chiefs.  This is the only game featuring two top-10 teams this week.


  1. Updated rankings:

    89. Miami: 1-3
    89.5. Cleveland: 0-3

    By the way, the Patriots are confirmed cheaters, and I'm sure they're cheating in all sorts of inventive ways right now.

  2. Basically, the snowplow game marks one long slide for the NFL into the Patriots being the Globetrotters and the Dolphins being the Washington Generals.

    In the Saturday-morning cartoon version of this season, however, New England will be 0-4 when Tom Brady returns from suspension.