Friday, September 23, 2016

NFL Poll: Week 3

Here's the latest poll from the AP -- notice that this came out before the Pats crushed Houston 27-0 last night, using their third-string quarterback to do so.  I'm starting to think that the Pats should just see how many games in a row they can win without Brady:

T1.  Pittsburgh Steelers:  2-0
T1.  New England Patriots:  2-0
3.  Denver Broncos:  2-0
4.  Carolina Panthers:  1-1
5.  Minnesota Vikings:  2-0
6.  Arizona Cardinals:  1-1
7.  Houston Texans:  2-0
8.  New York Giants:  2-0
9.  Green Bay Packers:  1-1
10.  Cincinnati Bengals:  1-1

The Dolphins (0-2) fell from 20th to 23d; the Redskins (0-2) dropped from 21st to a tie for 27th.

We had a rare Thursday night game of interest, at least on paper, with the Pats hosting the Texans.  But Texans are gonna Texan, and Pats are gonna Pat, and it turned into a one-sided blowout for the Olde Towne Champs.  I think this may be the last week before byes start, so you may want to tune in -- personally, my interest in the NFL rarely recovers from bye weeks and the baseball playoffs.  The Broncos are traveling to Cincinnati in a top-10 matchup, while the Panthers are hosting the Vikings in what should be an excellent game.  Those are both noon games on Sunday, so you can take the rest of the day off -- although the 3:25 game in Philadelphia between the Eagles and Steelers should have a nice old-school quality.

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  1. The Dolphins won!

    Meanwhile, I just want to go on record one more time as saying that I genuinely do believe the Patriots cheat all of the time and in more ways than any other team.