Thursday, January 17, 2013

Slate Nukes Sports Illustrated

Over the whole Manti Te'o fake-girlfriend saga.

Kentucky fans will recall that Pete Thamel, the SI writer who is the main target of Slate's piece, is a long-time Calipari-hater.

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  1. Jouralismwise, the most interesting part of this piece to me was the final-paragraph update:

    ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski, who voiced a five-minute video feature on Te'o's tragic losses, says he was unable to find Lennay Kekua's obituary or documentation of her car accident. He didn't follow up, though, because the Notre Dame player "said the family would prefer not to be contacted" and "at that moment, you simply think that you have to respect those wishes."

    My guess is that I wouldn't've thought to look up the obit, death certificate or otherwise--but that I would've thought to ask to be put in touch with the parents, not so much to confirm the story but to gather some more quotes and color for the story. And, like Gene Wojciechowski, I would've heeded the player's request to not contact the parents.

    But, without that side of things, I've had a few editors who would've pulled the plug on my story--or at least that part of my story.