Tuesday, June 11, 2024

College Baseball Update

The seeded teams continue to do very well in the NCAA Baseball Tournament.  Only two of the Super Regionals went the full three games, only two were won by the visiting team, and only one unseeded team has reached the College World Series.  That team -- Florida -- reached the title series last year, so it's not exactly a shocker.  Here were the results from the Supers (home teams listed first):

(1) Tennessee 2 - 1 Evansville
(8) Florida St. 2 - 0 Connecticut
(12) Virginia 2 - 0 Kansas St.
(4) N. Carolina 2 - 0 W. Virginia

(2) Kentucky 2 - 0 (15) Oregon St.
(7) Georgia 1 - 2 (10) N. Carolina St.
(6) Clemson 0 - 2 Florida
(3) Texas A & M 2 - 0 Oregon

Classic SEC:  3 (Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida)
Classic ACC:  3 (N. Carolina, N. Carolina St., Virginia)
Classic Southwest:  1 (Texas A & M)
Classic Independent:  1 (Florida St.)

Congratulations to Kentucky, which reached the College World Series for the first time.  The Cats were the only team from the SEC (either the Classic or the Current Versions) that had never reached the CWS. Just a great, great year for the Cats.

So we will now have two double-elimination tournaments to decide who meets for the final.  Here are the first games in Bracket A:

(1) Tennessee v. (8) Florida St.
(4) N. Carolina v. (12) Virginia

And here are the openers in Bracket B:

(2) Kentucky v. (10) N. Carolina St.
(3) Texas A & M v. Florida

With this many strong teams making it to Omaha, the CWS should be very entertaining.  And we still have a chance that the last event featuring teams from the old SEC will come down to a final series between Kentucky and Tennessee.  That would be amazing.


  1. Kentucky has only played NCSU in men's basketball on four different occasions. In 1931, the Cats beat NCSU 33 to 28 in the Southern Conference Tournament. In 1947, UK beat NCSU 60 to 42 in the NIT. And then they played a home-and-home in 1985 and 1986. On January 5, 1985, UK beat NCSU 78 to 62 in Rupp. On February 2, 1986, NCSU beat UK 54 to 51 in Reynolds Coliseum. Both of those teams went on to lose in the Regional Finals that year.

  2. Tennessee and Florida State have met only twice in football. On October 25, 1958, the Seminoles came to Knoxville and beat the Vols 10 to 0. And on January 4, 1999, Tennessee beat FSU 23 to 16 in the Fiesta Bowl to win the 1998 College Football Championship.