Friday, April 19, 2024

2024 Music So Far featuring Ariana Grande

Prelude to Ecstasy by The Last Dinner Party

Lonely Dancers by Conan Gray

Pretty by Artemas

Venus by Zara Larsson

American Romance by Michael Marcagi

What Now by Brittany Howard

Club Shy by Shygirl

Two Star & The Dream Police by Mk.gee

Eternal Sunshine by Ariana Grande

This is the first Ariana Grande album I've listened to since her 2018 album Sweetener.  It's like someone read my last review and said let's make a straight pop album that uses her vocal talents to the best of her ability.  Of course she's put out other albums since that 2018 release, but still this feels right on for where she should be as an artist.  It has the perfect vibe and carries it through the whole album.  Also, it's only 13 tracks with the first being an intro track and there is an interlude track, so it's right at the sweet spot in terms of length.  Could easily drop those two and you have a nice tight 11 track album.  

As I told my daughter, who was surprised how much I liked the album, it hits me right in my sweet spot.  Heavily influenced by the early 90's dance pop sound I so love, it does a great job of modernizing that sound.  

It doesn't have a bad song on it and stays true to the vibe and sound for the full album.  So nice when an artist creates an album and not just a collection of songs.  If you are looking for some solid pop music to help you get through the day, then give this album a listen.  If you were listening on vinyl I would say side A is the stronger side, but I'd still turn the album over to listen to side B.    

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  1. Indeed, my favorites might well be both from Side A, if you’ve ordered them here as they’re ordered on the album: “Lonely Dancers” and “Scared to Start."