Monday, February 12, 2024

Draw for the KHSAA Boys' State Tournament

The draw was announced today.  Here are the matchups for the first round (all times Central):

Wednesday, March 20:
10 A.M:  14th Region v. 15th Region
7:30 P.M:  11th Region v. 8th Region
12:30 P.M:  2d Region v. 16th Region
5 P.M:  1st Region v. 5th Region

Thursday, March 21:
10 A.M:  4th Region v. 13th Region
7:30 P.M:  10th Region v. 9th Region
5 P.M:  7th Region v. 12th Region
12:30 P.M:  6th Region v. 3d Region

If the NCAA Tournament were divided into Regions, and that were the draw, the tournament would look something like this (with current AP rankings):

Wednesday, March 20:
(5) Arizona v. (19) Brigham Young
(4) Marquette v. (8) Tennessee
St. John's v. (18) Saint Mary's
(1) Connecticut v. (7) N. Carolina

Thursday, March 21:
Virginia v. (3) Houston
(2) Purdue v. (16) Dayton
Mississippi St. v. (6) Kansas
(13) Auburn v. Villanova

Here are some of the better regional matchups at this point in the season (AP Rankings in parentheses):

5th Region:  (7) N. Carolina v. (9) Duke (Number 11 S. Carolina also in this region)
6th Region:  (13) Auburn v. (15) Alabama
11th Region:  (4) Marquette v. (10) Iowa St. (Number 14 Illinois and Number 20 Wisconsin also in this region)
12th Region:  (6) Kansas v. (17) Creighton
13th Region:  (3) Houston v. (12) Baylor

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