Saturday, January 20, 2024

NFL Quarter-Final Weekend

This has always been my favorite week of the NFL Season.  Right now, Houston and Baltimore are tied at 10 to 10.


  1. Here are the SEC basketball scores so far today:

    Tennessee 91 - 71 Alabama
    Arkansas 64 - 77 S. Carolina
    Mississippi St. 68 - 55 Vanderbilt

  2. Kentucky gets a new player today, as Zvonimir Ivisic has finally been cleared by the NCAA.

  3. Kentucky beat Georgia 105-96. That score is very misleading. The Cats were up 96-68 with 7:27 left, and took their foot off the pedal after that. Also, we were treated to a classic example of SEC referees trying to prevent a blowout. Georgia shot 35 free throws to only 17 for UK. I think UK was also called for at least two technical fouls and a flagrant 1.

  4. Kentucky:
    14-25 on 3-point shots (56.0 percent)
    25-38 on 2-point shots (65.8 percent)
    13-17 from the line (76.5 percent)
    105 points, 31 rebounds, 14 turnovers

    7-24 on 3-point shots (29.2 percent)
    24-38 on 2-point shots (63.2 percent)
    27-35 from the line (77.1 percent)
    96 points, 29 rebounds, 12 turnovers

  5. Here's how good Kentucky was tonight. Georgia outscored UK at the line by 14 points, and yet the game was close for only about six minutes.

  6. If this Kentucky team becomes one of the famous Kentucky teams, tonight's game will be remembered as a symbol of how this team played.

  7. 14 of 25 from three-point range. That's my favorite style of basketball.

  8. In the D.C. Area, they think Baltimore is going all the way, and Houston learned why today. The Ravens stomped the Texans 34-10 to grab home field for next week's AFC Title Game.

  9. Green Bay led 21-14 going into the fourth quarter, but with 1:07 left in the game the Forty-Niners have taken a 24-21 lead. It's all up to Jordan Love now.

  10. 1-10, GB 25 (1:07 left): Love passes to Doubs for 8 yards
    2-2, GB 33 (1:02 left): Pass incomplete
    3-2, GB 33 (59 seconds left): Love passes to Musgrave for 3 yards. GB timeout.
    1-10, GB 36 (52 seconds left): Love pass INTERCEPTED by Greenlaw. SF wins.

  11. Love has had a great season, and I'm sure the Packer fans won't be too disappointed, but that last pass was a big mistake. He was rolling to his right, and tried to Mahomes the ball back toward the middle of the field. But he couldn't get any juice on the throw, and it floated. That gave Dre Greenlaw the chance for a great, diving catch, and he made it.

  12. San Francisco advance to the NFC Championship Game, which they will host next Sunday.

  13. Since the beginning of the 2012 season, the Packers and 49ers have met five times in the playoffs. Here are the results (home team listed first):

    2012: San Francisco 45 - 31 Green Bay (Divisional Round)
    2013: Green Bay 20 - 23 San Francisco (Wild Card Round)
    2019: San Francisco 37 - 20 Green Bay (NFC Championship)
    2021: Green Bay 10 - 13 San Francisco (Divisional Round)
    2023: San Francisco 24 - 21 Green Bay (Divisional Round)

  14. Auburn pounds Ole Miss 82 to 59 to remain the only undefeated team in SEC play. Florida beats Mizzou 79 to 67 to keep the Tigers winless in SEC play.

  15. Next week, Big Z and the rest of the Cats have two road games: at South Carolina and at Arkansas. They really need to win both of them.

  16. Detroit beats Tampa Bay, 31 to 23. The Lions will make the NFC Title Game for the first time since the 1991 season, and the second time in history.

  17. In one of the greatest games in their history, the Chiefs go to Buffalo and beat the red-hot Bills, 27 to 24. The key play was a missed field goal by the Bills with 1:43 left in the game.

    1. Or the missed touchdown pass a play or two before that. I think it would've been ultimately better for the Dolphins for the Bills to win this game, but I still ended up rooting for you and the Chiefs.

    2. Thank you. I agree that it would have made things easier next year (for both the Dolphins and the Chiefs) if the Bills had won it all this year.

  18. Here are next week's games (all times Central) (home team first):

    AFC Championship:
    Baltimore v. Kansas City (2 P.M.) (CBS)

    NFC Championship:
    San Francisco v. Detroit (5:30 P.M.) (FOX)

  19. Can't argue with that. I'll be rooting for Kansas City and Detroit.