Thursday, December 28, 2023

NFL Week 17

With only two weeks left in the regular season, here's the latest NFL top 10 from ESPN.  Baltimore takes over the top spot after crushing San Francisco in San Francisco:

1.  Baltimore:  12-3
2.  San Francisco:  11-4
3.  Miami:  11-4
4.  Detroit:  11-4
5.  Philadelphia:  11-4
6.  Dallas:  10-5
7.  Buffalo:  9-6
8.  Kansas City:  9-6
9.  Cleveland:  10-5
10.  Tampa Bay:  8-7

The Game of the Week is a good one:  Number-1 Baltimore hosting Number-3 Miami in the noon Central game on Sunday.  You'll also want to check out Number-4 Detroit visiting Number-6 Dallas at 7:15 P.M. on Saturday night.  Between those two games, and the Bowl Games, this should be a great weekend of football.


  1. So I, of course, am ecstatic that the Dolphins beat the Jets and Cowboys over the last two weeks--and with this whole season generally. I honestly thought Miami's win over New York in Week 15 was its most impressive victory outside maybe three or four games since the last time it won a Super Bowl, in January 1974. And then last week's win over Dallas was kind of like winning the losers bracket of a double-elimination regular-season tournament. Now the Dolphins get the Ravens, which sort of advanced from the winners bracket by beating the 49ers.