Wednesday, December 6, 2023

NFL Week 14

Well, I'm out of Survivor Pool.  I don't feel too bad about it, according to one source I found, last year only 0.8 percent of folks made it to Week 13.  And it's my own fault -- I never should have gone against the Bengals.

Meanwhile, the season continues.  Here is the latest ESPN Top Ten, which reflects San Francisco's crushing win in Philly:

1.  San Francisco:  9-3
2.  Philadelphia:  10-2
3.  Miami:  9-3
4.  Baltimore:  9-3
5.  Dallas:  9-3
6.  Detroit:  9-3
7.  Kansas City:  8-4
8.  Jacksonville:  8-4
9.  Buffalo:  6-6
10.  Houston:  7-5

How about those Texans?  Go back and read our coverage of the Georgia/Ohio State game, and you'll see that C.J. Stroud should have won the National Championship last year.

I think the Game of the Week is the Sunday Night Game, with the Eagles going to Dallas for a big showdown with the Cowboys.  But Buffalo is also going to Kansas City for a 3:25 PM Central game on Sunday afternoon, and that will feel almost like an elimination game for two struggling but very proud teams.  So that's a solid seven hours of football that should keep you fully entertained.


  1. Latest odds to win the Super Bowl:

    49ers: +300
    Chiefs: +500
    Eagles: +600
    Ravens: +700
    Dolphins: +800
    Cowboys: +800

  2. Odds to win the College Football National Championship Game:

    Michigan: +170
    Alabama: +190
    Texas: +300
    Washington: +700

    Michigan is favored to beat Alabama in the Rose Bowl by 1 1/2 points.
    Texas is favored to beat Washington in the Sugar Bowl by 4 1/2 points.
    Georgia is favored to beat Florida State in the Orange Bowl by 13 1/2 points.

    1. I would not put any money on Georgia to cover. I've seen Saban teams in the past show up to a bowl when they were aiming for a championship and just not play. I could see the same for Georgia since their coach is a Saban guy and FSU will actually care.

    2. I agree and I was surprised to see that number for Georgia.

  3. As I expected, Buffalo took out the Chiefs. Buffalo's biggest problem is motivation, and they are always motivated to play Kansas City.

  4. Now Dallas leads Philly 24-6 at the half, and the Cowboys look like a machine. I can't remember a Dallas team that looked better in December since the mid-1990's.

  5. I woke up at 3:30 this morning worried both that the Dolphins are going to lose out the rest of the regular season and that Trump is going to get the Republican nomination.