Wednesday, November 22, 2023

NFL Week 12 and Survivor Pool

With their win over Kansas City on Monday night, the Eagles have taken a firm grip at the top of the ESPN rankings:

1.  Philadelphia:  9-1
2.  San Francisco:  7-3
3.  Kansas City:  7-3
4.  Detroit:  8-2
5.  Baltimore:  8-3
6.  Dallas:  7-3
7.  Miami:  7-3
8.  Cleveland:  7-3
9.  Jacksonville:  7-3
10.  Buffalo:  6-5

Everybody plays this holiday weekend, which is always fun.  However, there's only one game featuring two Top Ten teams.  On Sunday at 3:25 PM Central, the Eagles are hosting the Bills, and that should be the Game of the Week.

Now for the Survivor Pool.  It's good to make it through eleven weeks, but now we are running out of good teams to pick.  For this week, there are only two decent options:  Tennessee at home against the Panthers or Minnesota at home against the Bears.  Neither option is very good, but the Minnesota game is a divisional matchup on Monday night, and games like that are very difficult to predict.  So I'm going with the 3-7 Titans over the 1-9 Panthers.  Fingers crossed.

Previous Survivor Picks (home teams listed first):

1.  Baltimore 25 - 9 Houston
2.  Buffalo 38 - 10 Oakland
3.  Kansas City 41 - 10 Chicago
4.  Philadelphia 34 - 31 Washington (OT)
5.  Detroit 42 - 24 Carolina
6.  Miami 42 - 21 Carolina
7.  Seattle 20 - 10 Arizona
8.  San Diego 30 - 13 Chicago
9.  New Orleans 24 - 17 Chicago
10.  Dallas 49 - 17 N.Y. Giants
11.  San Francisco 27 - 14 Tampa Bay


  1. Your logic makes sense, but, man, that is a tough pick. I will be rooting for you.

    Miami is now 8-3. Against teams that currently have a winning record, the Dolphins are 0-3; against teams that do not, the Dolphins are 8-0. Miami's next three games are against teams that currently do not have winning records, and then the final three regular-season games are against teams currently with winning records.

  2. The Bills and the Eagles are playing an epic in the rain in Philly. The Eagles are wearing the Kelly Green uniforms, and they look great. With 20 seconds left, Jake Elliott just line-drived a 59-yard field goal through the rain to tie the game at 31.

  3. To me, the biggest surprise of the college football season is that Alabama is 11-1 and ranked 8th in the nation.

  4. On 3d and 7 from the Eagles 21, Buffalo had a man open but Josh Allen thought he was cutting one way and he was cutting the other way. So instead of ending the game on a touchdown, the Bills take a field goal to go up 34-31. Philly gets a chance now.

  5. If we had the media of the 1970's, this Bills team would be both as famous and as infamous as the Raiders of the 1970's. They are great and unstable in almost exactly the same way the Raiders were.

  6. Will the Bills defense hold? Will it collapse and let Philly win on a walk-off TD? Who knows? That's the drama of this Bills team.

  7. The Bills are 6-5, with losses to the Jets(!), the Patriots (!!), and the Broncos at home (?). They also have a 48-20 win over the Dolphins, a 32-6 win over the Jets, a 37-3 win over Washington, and now they're basically dead even with the Eagles, who are the best team in football. That's Buffalo.

  8. With 3:29 left in OT, Philly has a 3d and 4 at the Buffalo 40.

  9. Jalen Hurts completes a pass down to the Buffalo 28. That should guarantee a tie, but now the Eagles can go for the win.

  10. And there it is: Jalen Hurts rushes in for the game-winning touchdown, and Buffalo has thrown away another close game. Eagles win, 37 to 34.

  11. Philly wins close games and the Bills lose them. That's the difference.

  12. In 11 games, the Eagles have outscored their opponents by 64 points: 310 to 246. In 12 games, the Bills have outscored their opponents by 101 points: 328 to 227. In other words, the Bills have scored more points than Philly, and have allowed fewer points than Philly. But the Eagles are 10-1, and the Bills are 6-6.

  13. Anyway, that should have been the Sunday night game. Instead, we get the Chargers hosting the Ravens. On the other hand, it's been a long weekend and most folks are probably tired of watching football anyway.

  14. Indeed, I was tired of watching football by Sunday night. I flipped on late to see the Chargers, for whom I was rooting, unable to take advantage of a rare Justin Tucker field-goal miss.