Wednesday, October 25, 2023

NFL Week 8 and Survivor Pool

Here's the current ESPN top 10 in the NFL:

1.  Kansas City:  6-1
2.  Philadelphia:  6-1
3.  San Francisco:  5-2
4.  Miami:  5-2
5.  Baltimore:  5-2
6.  Jacksonville:  5-2
7.  Dallas:  4-2
8.  Cleveland:  4-2
9.  Detroit:  5-2
10.  Buffalo:  4-3

We have no bye games this week, but we don't have any games featuring two top 10 teams either.  On the other hand, the World Series won't be on Sunday either.  So you may as well watch the NFL.  I would go with the 49ers hosting the Bengals at 3:25 PM Central on Sunday.

Now, what about the survivor pick?  We've already used up seven teams, so this exercise is becoming more challenging.  This week, we have three realistic options:  the Cowboys at home against the Rams, the Niners at home against Cincinnati, and the Chargers at home on Sunday night against the Bears.  The oddsmakers clearly indicate that we should take the Chargers, and I'm going with that even though I really don't like to use the Sunday night game as a survivor pick.  The Chargers are 2-4, and they pretty much have to win this game to stay in competition, so I think they'll get it done, even in front of a bunch of Bears fans in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Previous Survivor Picks (home teams listed first):

1.  Baltimore 25 - 9 Houston
2.  Buffalo 38 - 10 Oakland
3.  Kansas City 41 - 10 Chicago
4.  Philadelphia 34 - 31 Washington (OT)
5.  Detroit 42 - 24 Carolina
6.  Miami 42 - 21 Carolina
7.  Seattle 20 - 10 Arizona


  1. I was smart to avoid the Niners at home against the Bengals. Cincy is up 31-17 with 2:54 left in the game, and the Niners are about to suffer their third loss in a row.

  2. On the other hand, the Cowboys crushed the Rams 43-20.

  3. I'm now very nervous about the Chargers.

  4. In all seriousness, it's at outrage that the Titans get to run around wearing Oilers gear. That's truly awful. The Titans should be forced to sell the Oilers logo and uniforms to the Texans. And then the Texans should simply become the Oilers.

  5. I give the NFL a lot of credit for bringing new ownership to Washington. I also give them credit for getting the Rams back to L.A. Now it's time to bring back the Oilers.

  6. I am in favor of President Biden in his next term signing an executive order that mascots don't move with a professional sports team under most conditions.