Wednesday, September 27, 2023

NFL Week 4

Here's the current top 10 from ESPN:

1.  San Francisco:  3-0
2.  Miami:  3-0
3.  Philadelphia:  3-0
4.  Kansas City:  2-1
5.  Buffalo:  2-1
6.  Dallas:  2-1
7.  Baltimore:  2-1
8.  Detroit:  2-1
9.  Cleveland:  2-1
10.  Seattle:  2-1

Washington (2-1) fell from number 12 to number 17.

I'm pretty sure that this is the last weekend before byes start.  It's certainly the last weekend before the baseball playoffs.  And we have some good games.  The Game of the Week -- possibly the Game of the Year -- will take place at noon Central on Sunday, with the number-5 Bills hosting the number-2 Dolphins.  I may actually switch off the Red Zone and just watch that game.  The other top ten matchup is also a noon Central Sunday game:  we have the number-9 Browns hosting the number-7 Ravens.  The Ravens just lost to the Colts -- who used to be in Baltimore.  Now they go to Cleveland -- where they were before going to Baltimore.  So, maybe I'll have to be on the Red Zone anyway so I can track both games.

OK, now what to do about the Survivor Pool.  It's a challenging week.  I've already used the Chiefs, so they're off the list.  The 49ers are huge favorites over the Cardinals, but the Cardinals just beat Dallas last week.  Dallas is a pretty big favorite over the Patriots, but Dallas isn't trustworthy.  So I'm going with the Eagles at home against Washington.  Washington usually plays hard in Philadelphia, and this is often a very entertaining game, but I think the Eagles are really good, and I don't think they'll let Washington sneak up on them this year.

Prior Survivor picks:

1.  Baltimore 25 - 9 Houston
2.  Buffalo 38 - 10 Oakland
3.  Kansas City 41 - Chicago


  1. Tonight is the 188th meeting between the Packers and the Lions. The Packers lead the all-time series 105-75-7, but the Lions have won the last three.

  2. The Lions led this series in the 1950's (15-4-1) and the 1980's (13-7), and the teams tied in the 1970's (9-9-2) and they are tied in the 2020's (3-3). The Packers led in every other decade. Their best record against the Lions was in the 2000's, when the Packers went 17-3 against Detroit.

  3. With 14:07 left in the 2d quarter, Detroit leads 17-3. The Lions have 199 yards. The Packers have 1.

  4. Green Bay throws an interception and that sets up another Detroit touchdown. Now the Lions lead 24-3 with 13:19 left before halftime. Green Bay still doesn't have a first down.

  5. The Toy Story broadcast from this morning is, I think, the only NFL thing aimed at kids that I actually would have enjoyed when I was a kid. The Jaguars beat the Falcons 23-7.

  6. Here's the current status of the noon Central games:

    Buffalo 21 - 14 Miami (2d Quarter)
    Carolina 10 - 7 Minnesota (2d)
    Chicago 14 - 7 Denver (2d)
    Cleveland 3 - 7 Baltimore (2d)
    Houston 13 - 0 Pittsburgh (2d)
    Indianapolis 0 - 17 Los Angeles (2d)
    New Orleans 3 - 6 Tampa Bay (2d)
    Philadelphia 7 - 14 Washington (2d)
    Tennessee 3 - 3 Cincinnati (2d)

  7. Washington leads Philly 17-7 late in the first half, and this is the first time my Survivor pick has been in real danger.

  8. Buffalo 21 - 14 Miami (2d Quarter)
    Carolina 10 - 7 Minnesota (2d)
    Chicago 21 - 7 Denver (2d)
    Cleveland 3 - 14 Baltimore (2d)
    Houston 13 - 0 Pittsburgh (2d)
    Indianapolis 0 - 20 Los Angeles (2d)
    New Orleans 3 - 7 Tampa Bay (2d)
    Philadelphia 7 - 17 Washington (2d)
    Tennessee 17 - 3 Cincinnati (2d)

  9. DeSean Watson is hurt is not playing, which explains what happened to Cleveland. I have no idea how Cincinnati gave up 17 first half points to Tennessee.

  10. Kentucky and Louisville, both 5-0 for the first time in history, both crack the top 25. UK is number 20, U of L is number 25.

  11. For the seventh time in a row, the Americans lose a Ryder Cup match in Europe. The Americans go down 16 1/2 to 11 /12. This match was decided on Friday, when the Europeans jumped out to an early 6 1/2 to 1 /2 point lead. The Americans haven't won in Europe since 1993. But it doesn't seem to bother them very much, so I'm not spending any more energy on it.

  12. If Washington wins today, it will mean that Ron Rivera would have a record of 3-1 as Washington's coach in Philly. I still don't think that's going to happen.

  13. By the way, the Bengals really could be out of it this year. If so, that's huge news for a lot of teams -- especially the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Bills.

  14. Philly kicks a field goal to make it 17-10 for Washington at the half. Meanwhile, Tennessee is pounding Cincinnati. The Titans are up 24-3, and the Bengals are on their way to a 1-3 start.

  15. Here's what I don't understand. C.J. Stroud played Georgia in the national championship semi-finals last year and put up 41 points -- he would have beaten them easily if anyone else on the team -- or the coaching staff -- could have done anything. On the other hand, in 2021 Georgia's defense dominated Bryce Young throughout the national championship game. So why did so many people rank Young ahead of Stroud? Anyway, I guarantee you the Steelers would rather be playing Young today.

  16. Buffalo 31 - 14 Miami (2d quarter)
    Carolina 13 - 7 Minnesota (Halftime)
    Chicago 21 - 7 Denver (Halftime)
    Cleveland 3 - 21 Baltimore (2d)
    Houston 16 - 0 Pittsburgh (Halftime)
    Indianapolis 0 - 20 Los Angeles (Halftime)
    New Orleans 3 - 14 Tampa Bay (Halftime)
    Philadelphia 10 - 17 Washington (Halftime)
    Tennessee 24 - 3 Cincinnati (Halftime)

  17. Nice, close wins, both of you, in the survivor pool! I take the Dolphins every week in the survivor pool, so I'm 3-1, and I look forward to winning next week.