Thursday, September 28, 2023

MLB Update

The regular season ends on Sunday.  The Braves have clinched the NL East and a spot in the National League Divisional Series.  The Dodgers have clinched the NL West and a spot in the NL Divisional Series.  The Brewers have clinched the NL Central and will play in the Wild Card Round.  The Phillies will be in the Wild Card Round.  That leaves two more Wild Card slots to be decided.  Four teams are battling for those slots:

Arizona:  84-74
Miami:  82-76
Chicago:  82-76
Cincinnati:  81-78
San Diego:  79-80

The rest of the NL (Giants, Pirates, Mets, Cardinals, Nationals, Rockies) has been eliminated.

In the American League, the Twins have a mediocre record (85-73), but they have clinched the very weak AL Central.  They will be in the Wild Card Round.

The Orioles and Devil Rays have clinched playoff spots, but they are still battling for the AL East title:

Baltimore:  99-59
Tampa Bay:  97-62

One of them will get the AL East (and a spot in the AL Divisional Series), while the other will go into the Wild Card Round.

Three teams are battling for the AL West:

Texas:  89-69
Houston:  87-72
Seattle:  85-73

One of them will get the AL West (and a sport in the AL Divisional Series).  At least one of the others will be in the Wild Card Round.

The Blue Jays are 87-71, and will probably edge out Seattle for the last Wild Card spot.

The rest of the AL (Yankees, Red Sox, Guardians, Tigers, Angels, White Sox, Royals, Athletics) has been eliminated.


  1. The Orioles have clinched the AL East and a spot in the Divisional Series.

  2. I've decided to root for the Orioles in the playoffs.