Friday, September 22, 2023

MLB Update

In the National League, the Rockies, Nationals, and Cardinals have all been eliminated.  The Braves have won the NL East.  The Dodgers have won the NL West.

In the American League, the Athletics, Royals, White Sox, Angels, and Red Sox have all been eliminated.  No AL divisions have been clinched as of yet.

The last day of the regular season is Sunday, October 1.

The Athletics have won 46 games, so they will finish well ahead of the 1962 Mets, who went 40-120.  The Nats have won 68 games, so they will finish with a winning percentage above .400.  I'd like to see the Nats get to 70 wins, but their last eight games are all against the Braves and Orioles, and it won't surprise me if they lose out.

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  1. This has been the most invisible baseball season for me in 20 years, anyway.