Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Wins Above Replacement

Here is a list of MLB players who I remember, and who are in the top 50 all time in Wins Above Replacement:

1.  Barry Bonds:  162.8
2.  Roger Clemens:  139.2
3.  Alex Rodriguez:  117.5
4.  Rickey Henderson:  111.2
5.  Tom Seaver:  109.9
6.  Mike Schmidt:  106.8
7.  Greg Maddux:  106.6
8.  Albert Pujols:  101.5
9.  Randy Johnson:  101.1
10.  Joe Morgan:  100.4
11.  Carl Yastrzemski:  96.5
T12.  Phil Niekro:  95.9
T12.  Cal Ripken, Jr.:  95.9
14.  Bert Blyleven:  94.5
15.  Adrian Beltre:  93.5
16.  Wade Boggs:  91.4
17.  Steve Carlton:  90.2
18.  George Brett:  88.6

Obviously, I have underestimated Bert Blyleven.

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  1. When Satchel Paige played for the A's in 1965, he was 59 and became the oldest person to ever play in the majors. Rickey Henderson is 64. If he's game for it, I think I wish the awful A's owner and the league would just come out and say, "Look, you're right, Oakland--we wrecked the thing to put a team in Las Vegas. But, whatever, that's what we're going to do, and there's nothing your mayor or anyone else is going to do to change your mind. So here's Rickey Henderson for one more month. We give the A's an extra roster spot for the remainder of the season and a 28th out per game, and let's at least try to remember the good times."