Sunday, June 4, 2023

College Baseball Update

Here's where everything stands as of this morning (seeds in parentheses):


Winston-Salem Regional:
(1) Wake Forest 12, George Mason 0
Maryland 7, Northeastern 2
George Mason 11, Northeastern 3 (Northeastern eliminated)
(1) Wake Forest 21, Maryland 6

Tuscaloosa Regional:
(16) Alabama 4, Nicholls St. 3
Troy 11, Boston Coll. 10
Boston Coll. 14, Nicholls St. 6 (Nicholls St. eliminated)
(16) Alabama 11, Troy 8


Stanford Regional:
(8) Stanford 13, San Jose St. 2
Texas A & M 12, Cal-St. Fullerton 7
Cal-St. Fullerton 9, San Jose St. 5 (San Jose St. eliminated)
Texas A & M 8, (8) Stanford 5

Coral Gables Regional:
(9) Miami (Fla.) 9, Maine 1
Texas 4, La.-Lafayette 2
La-Lafayette 19, Maine 10 (Maine eliminated)
Texas 4, (9) Miami (Fla.) 1


Baton Rouge Regional:
(5) Louisiana St. 7, Tulane 2
Oregon St. 18, Sam Houston St. 2
Sam Houston St. 10, Tulane 2 (Tulane eliminated)
LSU-Oregon St. delayed by rain

Lexington Regional:
(12) Kentucky 4, Ball St. 0
Indiana 12, W. Virginia 6
W. Virginia 13, Ball St. 5 (Ball St. eliminated)
Indiana 5, (12) Kentucky 3


Clemson Regional:
(4) Clemson 12, Lipscomb 5
Tennessee 8, Charlotte 1
Charlotte 9, Lipscomb 2 (Lipscomb eliminated)
Tennessee 6, (4) Clemson 5 (14 innings)

Auburn Regional:
Pennsylvania 6, (13) Auburn 3 (11 innings)
Samford 4, So. Mississippi 2 (10 innings)
So. Mississippi 7, (13) Auburn 2 (Auburn eliminated)
Pennsylvania 5, Samford 3


Fayetteville Regional:
(3) Arkansas 13, Santa Clara 6
Texas Christian 12, Arizona 4
Santa Clara 9, Arizona 3 (Arizona eliminated)
Arkansas-TCU delayed by rain

Terre Haute Regional:
(14) Indiana St. 6, Wright St. 5
Iowa 5, N. Carolina 4
N. Carolina 5, Wright St. 0 (Wright St. eliminated)
(14) Indiana St. 7, Iowa 4


Nashville Regional:
(6) Vanderbilt 12, E. Illinois 2
Oregon 5, Xavier 4
Xavier 7, E. Illinois 0 (E. Illinois eliminated)
Oregon 8, (6) Vanderbilt 7

Stillwater Regional
Oral Roberts 6, (11) Oklahoma St. 4
Washington 9, Dallas Baptist 5
Dallas Baptist 18, (11) Oklahoma St. 4 (Oklahoma St. eliminated)
Oral Roberts 15, Washington 12


Charlottesville Regional:
(7) Virginia 15, Army 1
E. Carolina 14, Oklahoma 5
Oklahoma 10, Army 1 (Army eliminated)
(7) Virginia 2, E. Carolina 1

Conway Regional:
Rider 11, (10) Coastal Carolina 10 (10 innings)
Duke 12, UNC-Wilmington 3
(10) Coastal Carolina 12, UNC-Wilmington 2 (UNC-Wilmington eliminated)
Duke 2, Rider 1


Gainesville Regional:
(2) Florida 3, Florida A & M 0
Texas Tech 3, Connecticut 2
Connecticut 9, Florida A & M 6 (Florida A & M eliminated)
Texas Tech 5, (2) Florida 4

Colombia Regional:
(15) S. Carolina 19, Cent. Connecticut 1
N. Carolina St. 5, Campbell 1
Campbell 10, Cent. Connecticut 5 (Cent. Connecticut eliminated)
(15) S. Carolina 6, N. Carolina St. 3


  1. (2) Florida eliminates UConn, 8-2.
    (12) Kentucky eliminates W. Virginia, 10-0
    (10) Coastal Carolina eliminates Rider, 13-5

  2. So far, (11) Oklahoma St. and (13) Auburn are the only two seeds to be eliminated, but (2) Florida, (4) Clemson, (6) Vanderbilt, (8) Stanford, (9) Miami (Fla.), (10) Coastal Carolina, and (12) Kentucky have all taken one loss each.

  3. (9) Miami (Fla.) eliminates La.-Lafayette 8-5.

  4. Charlotte eliminates (4) Clemson, 3-2.

  5. E. Carolina eliminates Oklahoma, 8-5. Ole Miss didn't make the tournament, so both of last year's finalists are now out.

  6. Campbell eliminates N. Carolina St. 11-1. The fans at Campbell were angry that they didn't get picked to host a regional. Now that the Camels have fought their way through the losers' bracket, they will finally get their shot at South Carolina.

  7. Arkansas appears headed to the losers' bracket. In the top of the 3d, Texas Christian leads Arkansas 11-1.

  8. The NCAA didn't let any team from Texas host a regional this year. So far, Texas, Texas A & M, Texas Christian, and Texas Tech are undefeated in this tournament.

  9. Iowa eliminates North Carolina, 6-5.

  10. Meanwhile, Vandy is on its way out. The Dores lost to Oregon 8-7 last night, and they are losing to Xavier 2-1 after 7 today. Last week, as they swept to victory in the SEC Tournament, it looked as though Vandy had figured out a path forward. But apparently not.

  11. By the way, the Vandy fan base is one of the most stressful groups to follow on Twitter. Believe me when I tell you that they are literally never happy unless Vandy is far ahead. During any close game, they are constantly tweeting things like "This team has no energy."

    1. Generally, I prefer the fan bases of teams for whom I don't root.

  12. My own view is that Tim Corbin, the Vandy baseball coach, is the Coach K of baseball. He's my favorite coach I've ever had in any sport, except for when Rick Pitino coached Kentucky. So my view is that if Corbin can figure it out, he will. If he can't, then no one else would have either.

  13. Since 2014, Vandy has two CWS championships and two trips to the final. As long as Corbin is there, Vandy has a shot.

  14. Vandy goes out in the 8th, and they are down to their last three outs.

  15. Meanwhile, in another elimination game, Maryland and George Mason are tied 10-10 in the top of the 9th.

  16. Meanwhile, here's what happened in the KHSAA Baseball Tournament:

    Thursday, June 1:
    Lou. Eastern 7, Bullitt East 5 (11 innings)
    Shelby Co. 3, McCracken Co. 0
    Lex. Catholic 6, Raceland 3
    Owensboro Apollo 3, Beechwood 0

    Friday, June 2:
    Harrison Co. 2, Pikeville 1
    Henderson Co. 6, Pulaski Co. 1
    Whitley Co. 4, LaRue Co. 3
    S. Warren 4, Breathitt Co. 3

    Saturday, June 3:
    Shelby Co. 9, Lou. Eastern 2
    Owensboro Apollo 7, Lex. Catholic 3
    Henderson Co. 7, Harrison Co. 4
    Whitley Co. 7, S. Warren 4

  17. So the KHSAA semi-finals will be played on Friday, with the following matchups:

    Owensboro Apollo (25-12) v. Shelby Co. (31-9)
    Henderson Co. (20-17) v. Whitley Co. (37-4)

  18. Meanwhile, Vandy has retired Xavier, and they Dores will have one more shot to save their season.

  19. Given that the last three College World Series were won by Ole Miss (2022), Mississippi St. (2021), and Vandy (2019), it's hard to claim that the SEC is overrated. But so far, the SEC has not been very impressive in this tournament.

  20. In the bottom of the 9th, Mason scores the winning run, and eliminates Maryland 11-10. That's the fourth team from the old ACC -- along with Clemson, UNC, and NCSU -- to be eliminated today.

  21. Here are the last ten years of the CWS finals:

    2013: UCLA over Mississippi St.
    2014: Vandy over Virginia
    2015: Virginia over Vandy
    2016: Coastal Carolina over Arizona
    2017: Florida over LSU
    2018: Oregon St. over Arkansas
    2019: Vandy over Michigan
    2020: NONE
    2021: Mississippi St. over Vandy
    2022: Mississippi over Oklahoma

    1. That they gave you Vanderbilt and Virginia two seasons in a row is really something.

  22. Believe it or not, the Vandy/Xavier game is in a lightning delay.

  23. Dallas Baptist eliminates Washington, 9-1.

  24. Boston College eliminated Troy, 4-1.

  25. Vandy and Xavier still in a lightning delay.

  26. Stanford eliminated Cal St.-Fullerton, 6-5.

  27. Kentucky has taken an early 3-0 lead over Indiana after one inning. Remember that UK has to beat IU twice, while IU only needs to win once.

  28. After a long rain delay, Texas Christian has resumed its thrashing of Arkansas. The Horned Frogs now lead 17-5 in the bottom of the 8th. This game won't eliminate Arkansas, but it will push the Razorbacks into the losers' bracket, where most of the SEC teams have spent most of the day.

    1. I guess TCU has never been anything other than the "Horned Frogs." I figured they'd been one of those "Fighting Christians" teams or whatever until the 1980s or '90s.

  29. Lightning continues in Nashville, where Xavier leads Vandy 2-1 in an elimination game after 8 innings.

  30. The Yankees and Dodgers are playing each other tonight on ESPN. Those teams have not met in the World Series for 42 years.

  31. Texas Christian beats Arkansas 20-5, thus forcing the Razorbacks into the losers' bracket. Kentucky leads Indiana 8-3 in the 5th. Vandy still in a lightning delay.

  32. Southern Mississippi eliminates Samford, 9-4. UK leads IU 16-4 going into the bottom of the 7th.

  33. Two SEC teams are close to winning their regions. Tennessee leads Charlotte 9-2 in the bottom of the 8th. South Carolina leads Campbell 15-7 in the top of the 8th.

  34. (10) Coastal Carolina beats Duke 8-6 to set up an elimination game to conclude the Conway Region.

  35. The lightning has finally ended in Nashvegas, and Vandy is about ready for the top of the 9th. They still trail 2-1.

  36. Tennessee becomes the first team to win a region. The Vols beat Charlotte 9-2 to win the Clemson Region.

  37. Next up is Texas. They beat Miami 10-6 to win the Coral Gables Region. This is the second straight year that Miami has lost a regional tournament that it hosted.

  38. For the record, Xavier took a 2-1 lead in the 7th on a hit batsman with the bases loaded and two outs. It didn't look like a hit batsman to me, or to any of the Vandy fans, but there you go.

  39. Vandy's first batter pops up to center field. One out.

  40. Vandy's second batter strikes out. Two out. To be honest, if you can only score one run at home against Xavier with your season on the line, you deserve to be eliminated.

  41. Xavier is using the same pitcher it had before the lightning delay. Good for him. He gets the third batter to hit an easy grounder to second and Vandy is done. They lose 8-7 and 2-1 at home, and they are out. But at least they won the SEC Tournament.

  42. Wake Forest wins the Winston-Salem Regional with a 15-1 victory over George Mason. Indiana St. wins the Terre Haute Regional with a 11-6 victory over Iowa. And Florida beats Texas Tech 7-1 to force an elimination game tomorrow.