Friday, May 5, 2023

Album Reviews: Elle King, kahi dreams, Pony Bradshaw, and Cheat Codes


Come Get Your Wife by Elle King

While a lot of country artists like to go play in the land of pop there aren't as many who cross from pop over into country but that is what Elle King is doing on this record.  This is her 3rd album in 8 years and with each one she has played around with something little different.  For me she is a new artist.  I went back to listen to some of her older stuff after reading about her and is definitely impossible to put her in a box.  I found this album to be a fun listen, but not one I have been coming back to since I listened to it.  

Absolute Heartbreak by khai dreams

Another new artist to me this is their 3rd album in 5 years.  Another album I found to be a fun listen, but another one that I haven't come back to since leaving it behind.  This is a great album for a drive to a beach trip.  It has a fun liveliness to it that would be good while driving to the beach and then it has a nice laid back air to it that would be good for the drive home when everyone is tired.  

North Georgia Rounder by Pony Bradshaw

And yet another new artist to me.  This is their 2nd album in 4 years.  I think of this as folksy Americana music.  It's not my favorite style of music, but it is a solid record with no bad moments on it.  I found this to be a good album to throw on when I was feeling thoughtful and was out taking the dog on a walk.  

One Night in Nashville by Cheat Codes

And the last new band to me.  It's a DJ trio who tend to mostly put out one off singles with artists.  This album is essentially a collection of singles working with country artists.  It's a fun concept and all in all it works well.  The problem is like so many of these DJ mixes at some point you get lost in it because it all starts to blend together.  Still a fun album and I should be able to find some songs for our 2023 New Years Eve dance party.  

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