Friday, March 17, 2023

State Tournament: Day Three

 At the half, Woodford County leads E-Town 26-21.


  1. Meanwhile, KFVS is showing The Price is Right. They're bidding on the Showcase Showdowns. The first Showcase opened with a trip to Philadelphia, and I was reflecting that these Showcases are not as nice as I remembered, but then it followed up with a TRIP TO ROME!

  2. K-Pom ranks today's games in the NCAA, in terms of "Thrill Score," as follows:

    Memphis over Florida Atlantic, 77-76
    Kentucky over Providence, 75-74
    Michigan St. over USC, 70-69
    Texas Christian over Arizona St., 72-69
    Creighton over N. Carolina St., 76-71
    Miami (Fla.) over Drake, 75-73
    Indiana over Kent St., 73-69
    Saint Mary's over Va. Commonwealth, 65-59
    Iowa St. over Pittsburgh, 70-66
    Connecticut over Iona, 77-68
    Baylor over UC Santa Barbara, 79-70
    Kansas St. over Montana St., 74-65
    Marquette over Vermont, 78-67
    Gonzaga over Grand Canyon, 85-73
    Xavier over Kennesaw St., 83-71
    Purdue over Fairleigh Dickinson, 87-64

  3. The guy with the chance to go to Philly and Rome underbid by more than $10,000, so he lost to the guy whose showcase consisted of a spa and an SUV.

  4. Woodford expanded its lead to 34-23, but with 2:55 left in the 3d E-Town has closed to within 36-30.

  5. CBS is showing Michigan State v. USC from Columbus, Ohio. Feels like I should be watching the Rose Bowl.

  6. With 6:26 left, Woodford leads 40-36.

  7. Woodford pulled out 44-36, but then E-Town got a layup, a steal, and another layup to make the score Woodford 44, E-Town 40. Woodford calls time with 4:37 left.

  8. With 3:53 left in the game, Santonio Wade, Woodford's best player, fouls out. E-Town makes two FT's to get within 46-44. But then Woodford makes two FT's to go up 48-44.

  9. E-Town comes down and misses three or four shots within a few feet of the basket. Woodford finally gets the rebound and is fouled. With 2:53 left, Woodford leads 48-44 and is heading to the line.

  10. E-Town just keeps missing one short shot after another -- they're rushing everything. And then they keep fouling, and Woodford keeps making free throws. Woodford leads 51-44 with 1:43 left.

  11. CBS runs an ad promoting Big 10 football, which reminds me that the SEC is leaving CBS. My guess is that the SEC, like the National Football Conference, won't be as good once it leaves the Tiffany Network. On the other hand, any conference that includes Texas and Oklahoma won't be the SEC as I've known it.

  12. Woodford wins 59-48. Woodford goes 25-29 from the line to hold off E-Town.

  13. Ashland was a worthy opponent, but Warren Central was just too good for them. The Dragons roll on to the quarter-finals with a 64-48 victory.

  14. I'll be out of pocket tonight, so I'll miss the evening session.

  15. So far, Michigan State, Saint Mary's, Baylor, Marquette, and Xavier have all won. K-Pom is 5-0 on the day, and 15-6 in the first round.