Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Album Reviews: SG Lewis, Quinn XCII, Samia, and White Reaper


AudioLust & HigherLove by SG Lewis

This is Lewis's second album.  He's new to me but he first came onto the scene back in 2015 with remixes.  He's a producer, songwriter and this has that feel.  It's very 80's influenced I would say.  Not a bad album and I could take most any song on here and put it on our family end of the year dance party mix.  

This album makes me think of this one from the 80's.

Explicit Language

The People's Champ by Quinn XCII

This is Quinn's 5th album since 2017.  He's new to me but the sound is something that feels very familiar.  Blending electro and hip hop this has a very laid back feel to it and is an easy album listen to.  There is something playful about the album which I enjoyed.  If you were in your 20's and going on a beach trip with friends, this would be a fun album to throw on.  

Honey by Samia

This is Samia's second album since 2020.  She's new to me.  Sometimes I listen to an album and feel like I'm not the audience.  This definitely has that feel for me.  That being said there are still moments that I can connect with on this album and it has some catchy moments.  I would say this is something that would be labeled as confessional music and so it can feel very self centrist at times but that's OK.  I think if you are the right age, in the right frame of mind this album could connect.  

Asking for a Ride by White Reaper

A Louisville band they are new to me, but this is their fourth album since 2015.  It's an entertaining album that I liked more and more as I listened to it.  Taking a lot of influence from 80's mainstream college radio bands.  This would have fit right in with stuff on 120 minutes back in the day.  If you would like some 2023 rock then I would say give this a listen. 

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  1. I liked the first and last songs here a good bit.

    Three of the White Reaper guys went to North Oldham High School in Goshen, so it's been a heart-breaking last few days for them--both the North Oldham boys and girls lost in the semifinals of their Eighth Region tournaments.