Tuesday, February 21, 2023

District Tournaments Begin

Here we go with boys' basketball scores from last night:

1st District Semi-Final (at Fulton City):
Carlisle Co. 75, Fulton City 40

2d District Semi-Final (at McCracken Co.):
McCracken Co. 87, Paducah Community Christian 48

4th District Semi-Final (at Marshall Co.):
Murray 83, Christian Fellowship 52

8th District Semi-Finals (at Christian Co.):
Christian Co. 80, Ft. Campbell 31
Hopkinsville 55, University Heights 52


  1. Warren Central is on its way. The Dragons beat Greenwood 76-45 in the 14th District semi-finals.

  2. In the 5th District Semi-Finals, Trigg County beats Crittenden County 57-49. The Rockets lose their last seven games of the year, and finish with a record of 11-17.

  3. In the 6th District Semi-Finals, Webster County eliminates Union County, 78 to 57.

  4. In the 2d District Semi-Finals, Tilghman pounds St. Mary 85-57.

  5. In the 7th District Semi-Finals, Madisonville-North Hopkins hammers Dawson Springs, 105 to 56.

  6. Bowling Green beats South Warren 65-50. That 14th District is a headache for anyone not named Warren Central or Bowling Green.

  7. In the 4th District Semi-Finals, Marshall County (20-9) beats Calloway County (21-10) by 58 to 53. That's a tough game for a district semi-final.