Sunday, January 22, 2023

Album Reviews: Gabrielle Aplin, RuPaul, Old Dominion, Joesef, and Margo Price


Phosphorescent by Gabriell Aplin

This is Aplin's 4th album in 10 years and she's new to me.  I really liked the opening song "Skylight."  A good album to clean the house to or while you are baking.  

Black Butta by RuPaul

RuPaul is someone I've heard of but know absolutely nothing about.  This is RuPaul's 15th album in 30 years.  It feels to me like the kind of album from someone famous not from someone who has put out 15 albums over 30 years.  In a pinch you could pull out a song or two to throw on a dance or workout mix, but not much else.  

Memory Lane by Old Dominion

Another new band to me this is an EP.  Their last full length album, their fourth, came out in 2021.  It's pretty traditional American country rock.  

Permanent Damage by Joesef

This is the debut album from Joesef a Scottish singer.  I found it at interesting album but felt like something was a bit off.  Still he has an interesting voice and I'll be interesting to see what he does next.  

Strays by Margo Price

This is her 4th album in 7 years.  She's new to me with a very interesting voice and sound.  She seems to be taking inspiration from Maria McKee, Springsteen, The Bangles, and Pat Benetar.  She has a great voice and reminds me in some ways of Maria McKee.  The songwriting just feels a bit off to me on this album and it's one of those cases where it seems like Margo Price would be well served to find the perfect songwriting partner and producer who could make the most of her abilities.  As it is this album feels a bit lost and all over the place to me.  Still she's such a talent it makes me want to go listen to her older stuff and I'm very curious to see what she does next.  


  1. Gabrielle Aplin is talented. Bet she was a big Alicia Keys fan when she was a little girl.

  2. With regard to RuPaul, I as ignorant about drag shows in the same way I felt ignorant about step shows until I got to WKU.

  3. I like the Old Dominion song and imagine it will score in my favorite 10 songs for the seven days before Jan. 30. I'm a sucker for videos where they use that sped-up footage from a dashboard of a moving vehicle.

  4. Wow ... you're so right about Margo Price sounding like the Bangles and seeming like Maria McKee. I also had never heard of her. Based on this video, I could imagine that her next album would be hip-hop--or anything that strikes her fancy.

    This is a good time to mention again that Maria McKee, Lenny Kravitz, Nicolas Cage, and Slash all were part of the Class of 1982 of Beverly Hills (California) High School. Kaleidoscope must've been lit.