Friday, January 13, 2023

Album Reviews: Deorro, Anti-Flag, SYML, and Jill Barber


Reflect by Deorro

My son is really into putting on parties and light shows.  So for Christmas the big gift he wanted from Santa was something to help him with doing the lighting for a dance party.  This meant of course that for New Year's Eve we had to setup an area of the house for a dance party.  We had streamers hanging from the ceiling and balloons all around on the floor and of course a great light show with a good dance mix.  This EP coming off of that party was almost too perfect for me.  In fact I've started working on a dance mix for the 2023 New Year's Eve party and 3 of the 4 songs off of this EP will be on that mix.  Only one was left off because it's about drinking.  Anyhow I was reading that this little EP is kind of his nod to the hard life of being a DJ, that's what Deorro is, and I can see that as well.  I love this EP can't recommend it enough if you are just looking for some fun electro music or of course going for a run.  

        Language Warning

Lies They Tell Our Children by Anti-Flag

These guys have been putting out albums at a pretty regular clip since 1996.  I have to say I've heard the name but never the band until this album.  Not really my style of music, but I admire that they are still this fired up after 27 years.  Not my favorite like I said, but I enjoyed it.  I'm guessing if you are an Anti-Flag fan this is another solid effort.  

Believer by SYML

Another new artist to me and another EP.  It's really a collection of singles he put out over 2022 plus this new song "Believer."  SYML is a solo project of Brian Fennell again someone new to me.  I enjoyed this collection of songs and could see putting it on in the background, but it's not the kind of thing I'll be coming back to during the year. 


Homemaker by Jill Barber

Another new artist to me, Jill Barber is a singer-songwriter out of Canada.  This is yet another EP, again a collection of songs she's released over the past year if I understand it correctly but a nice collection.  I like the song "Homemaker" quite a bit and I like her voice.  Makes me want to go check out her discography.  A good album to put on while you are sitting around with the kids playing games, or talking.  It's rainy here today and I could see putting this on while I was doing some baking.  


  1. Excellent about your son's interest in lighting and dance parties. We found a disco ball on a stand for my daughter years ago, and it still gets used about once every six months for something or another.

  2. For the most part, when an artist plays music on some set where they have rolled out braided rugs on the stage, I tend to like that artist. And, indeed, I enjoyed this Jill Barber performance.