Thursday, January 19, 2023

25 Years Ago in Music

 I think of 1998 as a time when I was truly an adult.  The way I looked at music had changed, I was experimenting with a lot of different music like jazz and older music I didn't know.  I had completely turned away from what was on the radio or new, so I'll be curious to look at 1998 and see what I recognize from 1998 and what music I found later.  

According to Best Ever Albums the top albums of 1998 were:

  1. In the Aeroplan Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel
  2. Mezzanine by Massive Attack (It would be about 4 years before I got into Massive Attack)
  3. Moon Safari by Air (Loved this album in 2001 or so)
  4. Aquemini by OutKast
  5. Music Has the Right to Children by Boards of Canada
  6. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill
  7. XO by Elliott Smith
  8. Deserter's Songs by Mercury Rev
  9. Ray of Light by Madonna (Loved this album in 1998)
  10. Electro-Shock blues by Eels

Here are the albums that spent at least two weeks at Billboard number 1 in 1998. 
  1. Titanic: Music from the Motion Picture (16 weeks)
  2. Vol. 2... Hard Knock Live by Jay-Z (5 weeks)
  3. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill by Lauryn Hill (4 weeks)
  4. Double Live by Garth Brooks (4 weeks)
  5. City of Angels Soundtrack (3 weeks)
  6. Hello Nasty by Beasty Boys (3 weeks)
  7. Sevens by Garth Brooks (2 weeks)
  8. The Limited Series by Garth Brooks (2 weeks)
  9. MP Da Last Don by Master P (2 weeks)
  10. Armageddon: The Album (2 weeks)
  11. Da Game is to be Sold Not to be Told by Snoop Dogg (2 weeks)
  12. Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie by Alanis Morissette (2 weeks)

The top Billboard singles of 1998 were:
  1. Too Close by Next
  2. The Boy is Mine by Brandy and Monica
  3. You're Still the One by Shania Twain
  4. Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden
  5. How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes
  6. Together Again by Janet
  7. All My Life by K-Ci & JoJo
  8. Candle In the Wind 1997/Something About the Way You Look Tonight by Elton John
  9. Nice & Slow by Usher
  10. I Don't Want to Wait by Paula Cole

I'll finish this off with a playlist for you all from 1998.  Some of the music I still listen to today.  Another short one.  


  1. Of the four national Championships that Kentucky has won in my lifetime, 1998 is my favorite, because it was completely unexpected. Looking back, it feels like a bonus that we all got for losing Pitino, and for being such good fans during the 1990's.

  2. I'm not sure there's ever been a better fan base than UK's fan base in the 1990's.

  3. "Ray of Light" was my seventh favorite song among those I heard in the seven days ending Aug. 3, 1998:

    1. "In Limbo," Jimmy Cliff
    2. "Sleeping Single in a Double Bed," Barbara Mandrell
    3. "Can’t Get Enough of You, Baby," Smashmouth
    4. "Love, Reign O’er Me," The Who
    5. "Faster Horses, Younger Women, Older Whiskey, More Money," George Jones
    6. "Thank You Forlettinme Be Mice Elf," Sly and the Family Stone
    7. "Ray of Light," Madonna
    8. "Wichita Lineman," Glen Campbell
    9. "Crash," Dave Matthews Band
    10. "Classical Gas," Mason Williams

  4. Well, I've heard that Sarah McLachlan song about 10 million times in the last 25 years, and I had no idea it was called "Adia" until today.

  5. "Hands" by Jewel tied for 64th among my favorite songs that I heard from Nov. 2, 1998, through Feb. 1, 1999. Here were the top 10:

    1. "My Favorite Mistake," Sheryl Crow
    2. "Slide," Goo-Goo Dolls
    3. "A Little Past Little Rock," Lee Ann Womack
    4. "Wake Up in My Makeup," Hole
    5. "Singing in My Sleep," Semisonic
    6. "It's All Been Done," Bare Naked Ladies
    7. "You Get What You Give," The New Radicals
    8. "Perfect," Smashing Pumpkins
    9. "Malibu," Hole
    10. "Special," Garbage

    I'm surprised by this list. It's a soundtrack for a Wynona Rider movie.

    1. I almost put Hole on the mix but I haven't listened to Hole in like 20 years.

    2. I'm shocked at how much I liked the Sheryl Crow and Goo-Goo Dolls songs. Of course, this is when I was living mostly out of my truck and listening to pretty much only FM radio.

  6. I enjoyed that playlist, too. Thanks for doing it.