Wednesday, January 4, 2023

2022 Playlist


So here is my annual playlist.  I normally limit my list to 20 songs, but I have found over the years, that then I miss some songs and I have to go dig into other stuff to find them.  This time around I've got 33 songs.  I'll list them below.  As normal they are in a lose good to best order.  The two songs this year at 2 and 1 are really hard for me to distinguish between.  Both are just great songs.  I'll write a little about them both after the song list.  

33. Four Moons by Mandy Moore
32. victim of nostalgia by mxmtoon
31. Tourist by Miranda Lamber 
        (this song caught my attention because it mentions Howenwald, TN)
30. Sad City by Sally Shapiro
29. Take a Picture by COIN
28. Everything Matters by Aurora
27. Falling Clouds by Sally Shapiro
26. minds of men by FKA twigs
25. Cool to Cry by M0
24. You Keep Me Crawling by Aurora
23. Don't Buy Me Flowers by Lolo Zouai
22. Forgive Me by Sofi Tukker
21. I h8 Myself by Sasha Alex Sloan
20. Meteorite by Banks
19. Wheelspin by M0
18. Every Rule by Charli XCX
17. Avalanche by Avril Lavigne
16. Kindness by M0
15. Burning Bridges by Sigrid
14. Deadend by Banks
13. thank you song by FKA twigs
12. Free Trial by Lolo Zouai
11. Move Me by Charli XCX
10. Exist for Love by Aurora
9. One in a Million by Rex Orange County
8. Boys Don't Cry by Camila Cabello
7. Rent by Lights
6. In Real Life by Mandy Moore
5. psychofreak by Camila Cabello
4. The Shade by Rex Orange County
3. The Way You Felt by Alec Benjamin
2. New Normal by Sasha Alex Sloan
        (This is a really really good song.  It could be about a breakup, it could be about a death.  I imagine a great video for this one with a split screen on one side an older person dealing with a breakup of a long marriage, on the other side a younger person dealing with the death of their partner.)
1. Constant Repeat by Charli XCX
        (Best pop song by far this year.  Great lyrics, great sound, just everything about it hits me.  This one I'm working with my daughter to actually make a video for.  Once we get the video done I'll post about it on here.)