Tuesday, December 27, 2022

NFL Update

Here's the latest top 10 from Dan Hanzus at NFL.com:

1.  San Francisco:  11-4
2.  Philadelphia:  13-2
3.  Buffalo:  12-3
4.  Cincinnati:  11-4
5.  Kansas City:  12-3
6.  Dallas:  11-4
7.  Minnesota:  12-3
8.  San Diego:  9-6
9.  Jacksonville:  7-8
10.  Baltimore:  10-5

Miami (8-7) is number 13.  Washington (7-7-1) is number 16.

This week we finally have a great game of the week:  on Monday night, of all places, the number-4 Bengals will host the number-3 Bills.  There's a ton of drama here -- if the Bengals knock off the Bills, Kansas City could slip in to the number-1 seed in the AFC.  Kansas City's last two games are home to Denver and at the Raiders, so there is a good chance the Chiefs could finish 14-3.  The Bills beat Kansas City, and those hold the tie-breaker.  But to finish 14-3, Buffalo has to win at Cincinnati and then beat the Patriots at home.  On the other hand, the Bengals could get the number-one seed for themselves if they could get to 13-4 by beating Buffalo and Baltimore at home.  If Kansas City lost either of its last two games, Cincinnati would hold the tie-breaker with both Kansas City and Buffalo, and would grab the top seed.  So there's a lot to play for in this game.

But that's it.  There are no other top ten games this week.  I can rarely remember a season with so few top ten games.

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  1. Assuming Jalen Hurts is actually going to play again this season, the top five is clear, but 6-15 is awfully fluid. I guess that's about the same at this point every season, but it feels more concrete at the top this year than usual. Maybe that's because there have been so few games pairing teams in the top 10.

    Go, Dolphins.