Wednesday, October 12, 2022

NFL Week 6

I miss the AP Pro 32 poll, and I think it's weird that the AP just got rid of it with no explanation.  But we are where we are.  I'm rolling with Dan Hanzus's ratings on

We're five games into the season, and the bye weeks are about to start.  Here's the current top 10:

1.  Buffalo:  4-1
2.  Philadelphia:  5-0
3.  Kansas City:  4-1
4.  San Francisco:  3-2
5.  Baltimore:  3-2
6.  Tampa Bay:  3-2
7.  Minnesota:  4-1
8.  Green Bay:  3-2
9.  Cincinnati:  2-3
10.  Dallas:  4-1

The Dolphins are number 18.  Washington is number 30.

The byes start this week, so I'll be focused mainly on baseball, college football, and college basketball until the NFL goes back to full strength sometime after Thanksgiving.  But we do have a great game on tap this week, with Buffalo returning to Kansas City in a rematch of their classic playoff game last year.  You should be watching Patrick Mahomes every week anyway, but this week should be especially compelling.  The Sunday Night game is Philadelphia at Dallas, which is always fun.  Those are our top-10 games for this week.


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  2. Here are the top 10 teams by DVOA

    1. Buf
    2. Phi
    3. Bal
    4. TB
    5. SF
    6. Dal
    7. Jax
    8. KC
    9. GB
    10. Sea

    How good is DVOA I don't know, but it's an interesting measure.

    If we go by EPA the rankings are
    1. Buf
    2. Phi
    3. SF
    4. KC
    5. Jax
    6. Cin
    7. TB
    8. NE
    9. Dal
    10. Den

    I had to redo this as I had messed up the DVOA list.

    1. It should be noted that Seattle so far is 31st in defensive DVOA and 1st in offensive DVOA. So very strange.

  3. Here are the top 10 by LENW:

    1. Mia