Friday, October 7, 2022

MLB22 Update

The Cardinals and Phillies are playing in St. Louis. The game goes to the ninth inning with the Cardinals ahead, 2-0. The St. Louis relief pitcher strikes out the first Philadelphia batter and then allows a single, walk and walk to load the bases. Then he hits a batter with a pitch to bring home the first Phillies run. Some people come out of the Cardinals' dugout and look at the reliever's hand, and then they watch him throw a few warmup pitches--and that apparently is what indicates to them that they might want to take him out of the game and try someone else.


  1. In the 10 minutes since the Cardinals brought in a new pitcher, the Phillies have taken a 6-2 lead, and they just made their second out of the inning. There are no pitchers loosening up in the St. Louis bullpen, and ABC just showed a bunch of people leaving the St. Louis stadium.

    Because the A's haven't been any good, I haven't paid much attention to baseball for a while. Albert Pujols and Bryce Harper are still playing, and the Cardinals still appear to have the same uniforms; otherwise, I don't recognize much of what I'm seeing.

  2. Now the Cardinals are back to within 6-3. There are two on and two out in the bottom of the ninth. Yadier Molina, another baseball player I recognize, is up.

  3. Molina strikes out. The Phillies, who appear to have been wearing the same road uniform designs since 1992, have won Game 1 of the best-of-three series.

    Earlier today, the Cleveland Guardians beat the Tampa Bay Rays in their first game, and now the Seattle Mariners are leading the Toronto Blue Jays, 4-0. Oh, good! It sounds like Tim Kurkjian is on the ESPN broadcast; I love Tim Kurkjian. He's spectacular on Tony Kornheiser's podcast.

  4. My MLB interest will begin when we get down to eight teams.