Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Rest In Peace, Kenneth Starr

One time, at the height of the President Clinton/Monica Lewinsky story, I met a liberal in Washington who was a teacher, and one of her students was one of Kenneth Starr’s children. 

The teacher was so angry about that whole investigation, thought it was an unnecessary witch hunt and pretty much lined up with all of the loud left apologists at the time. What really got her goat, though, was that she said Kenneth Starr was the absolute model parent—present for everything he should be present for, dialed in, eager to contribute money or effort to whatever the school was doing, etc. She laughed to me (also a liberal) at herself about how much she really wanted him to be a jerk. 

I remember sitting at the bar at that moment thinking how fortunate I was to live in the United States of America—and, in particular, for a little while, Washington, D.C.

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