Wednesday, September 28, 2022

NFL Week 4

Still going with Dan Hanzus's power rankings on  Here is the top 10:

1.  Philadelphia:  3-0
2.  Buffalo:  2-1
3.  Miami:  3-0
4.  Green Bay:  2-1
5.  Kansas City:  2-1
6.  Los Angeles:  2-1
7.  Baltimore:  2-1
8.  Tampa Bay:  2-1
9.  Minnesota:  2-1
10.  Cincinnati:  1-2

Washington (the future St. Louis) is now down to number 30.

We have a great schedule this week.  You should really watch as much NFL as possible this weekend, before the byes start.  On paper, the Thursday night game between the Dolphins and Cincinnati should be great.  But given that it's a Thursday night game, and that the Dolphins were just battered by Buffalo, it's hard to believe that game will be played at a high level of quality.  So the Game of the Week is probably the Sunday Night game between the number-5 Chiefs and the number-8 Buccaneers, assuming that Kansas City can figure out how to move the ball against Tampa Bay better than they did in the Super Bowl a few years ago.  There will also be a fantastic game in Baltimore between the Ravens and the Bills, in what will likely be the most violent regular season game all year.  So you've got three top ten games, at three different times.  What more can you want?


  1. I'm going to be listening to Thursday night's game on the radio in the car, so I'm excited to hear what Hank Stram and Jack Buck have to say about Tua and the Dolphins.

  2. I forgot that tonight's game was on Amazon, but now I'm in the right place. I'm watching the game and listening to Danny Davis and the Nashville Brass.

  3. I've got out the pocket helmets and the mini-pennants for tonight's Dolphins/Bengals matchup.

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