Monday, August 29, 2022

My Favorite 10 Songs of the Last Seven Days

I still haven't tallied up the statistics for 2021, but I feel pretty certain that the Staves (of Watford, Hertfordshire, England) were quantifiably my favorite musical act of last year.

  1. "Sleeping In a Car," Staves
  2. "Damn It All," Staves
  3. "She’s Gone," Hall and Oates
  4. "Blue Sky Mine," Midnight Oil
  5. "Helplessly Hoping," Crosby, Stills and Nash
  6. "Lovely Day," Philippe Saisse Trio
  7. "Say It Isn’t So," Hall and Oates
  8. "Mona Lisas and Madhatters," Elton John
  9. "Let Me Down," Staves
  10. "The Way You Move Me," Gretchen Peters


  1. "Not for the Life of Me / NYC / Astonishing," Sutton Foster Live at the Cafe Carlyle
    "Owner of a Lonely Heart," Yes
    "You Walk with Me," Soundtrack to The Full Monty
    "Xanadu," Rush
    "Xanadu," Olivia Newton-John
    "See Me, Feel Me," The Who
    "Brain Damage/Eclipse," Pink Floyd
    "Could It Be Magic," Barry Manilow
    "Traveling Alone," Jason Isbell
    "Avalon," Roxy Music

  2. "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" is fantastic. I don't know that Bernie Taupin is the best lyricist of the rock era, but he's probably the one who's lyrics are most likely to resonate with me.

  3. It is fantastic. Thank you for reminding me of it last week.