Wednesday, August 24, 2022

1975: Yale Bowl and Paint By Number


NFL preseason games always feel like they are going to be so much fun to watch, and then I always get bored with them pretty quickly and end up doing something else with the flicker of the TV in the background. Maybe I'll work on this paint-by-number kit during today's game from the Yale Bowl.

I spent a fair amount of time in 2017 whipping up these NFL paint-by-numbers from YouTube screen shots and some online filter application (perhaps to some NFL preseason games in the background). Anyway, I really like this one of the Jets' Emerson Boozer.

Emerson Boozer (of Augusta, Georgia) ranked No. 22 in career rushing yards entering NFL75, right behind Clem Daniels and right ahead of Calvin Hill. No. 22 in career rushing yards today is LeSean McCoy, right behind O.J. Simpson and right ahead of Warrick Dunn. 

I don't think that means much of anything, but I still think it's fun to think about. I sure like football, TV and the internet.


  1. I just finished re-reading "Run to Daylight," which I think everyone should read just before the NFL kicks off.

  2. I'm always impressed with how fast a reader you are! My daughter is a really fast reader, too. It takes me forever.

  3. Joe Namath has not played in this game, but Craig Morton, the Giants' starting quarterback, is still playing in the fourth quarter. The Giants are leading, 21-20. Morton's backup, Carl Summerell, was loosening his arm up until a few minutes ago, but then the Jets scored a touchdown and extra point to pull with one point, and Coach Bill Arnsparger (of Paris, Kentucky) elected instead to send back out Morton.

  4. Well, Morton and the Giants have to punt back to the Jets, and then the Jets face a third-and-less-than-1 around midfield when the tape runs out. According to a YouTube user named "Eric Furman," there was no more scoring in the game, so the Giants ended up winning the last NFL game ever played in the Yale Bowl, 21-20, over the Jets. Thank you, "Classic NFL," for posting. That was a great thing to putter to.

  5. In 10 seasons with the Cowboys, Morton had a QB rating of 75.6, and Dallas went 32-14-1 in games where he was the starter.

    In 3 seasons with the Giants, Morton had a QB rating of 60.4, and the Giants went 8-25 in games that he started.

    In 6 seasons with the Broncos, Morton had a QB rating of 79.1, and Denver went 41-23 in games that he started.