Tuesday, July 26, 2022

1975: Doonesbury

Yes, Doonesbury did:

26 Jul 1975, Sat Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Newspapers.com
Almost five years in to its run as a syndicated strip (after growing out of Garry Trudeau's Bull Tales in the Yale Daily News, Doonesbury is hot as all get-out: "In May 1975, Doonesbury became the first daily comic strip to win a Pulitzer Prize, taking the award for Editorial Cartooning. That year, US President Gerald Ford told the Radio and Television Correspondents' Association at their annual dinner, 'There are only three major vehicles to keep us informed as to what is going on in Washington: the electronic media, the print media, and Doonesbury, not necessarily in that order.'"
26 Jul 1975, Sat Garden City Telegram (Garden City, Kansas) Newspapers.com


  1. Doonesbury was always good, but Doonesbury in the 1970's is one of the great comic strips of all time.

  2. You have inspired me to give it more dedicated attention. As of 1975, it does not appear in the daily pages of Madisonville's Messenger or Paducah's Sun-Democrat, so it's easy for fake 1975 me not to see it until looking at the weekend papers from the NFL cities. Real 1975 me was too young to understand it and probably didn't even know of it. I think you guys had a big collection of Doonesburys that I looked at at your house from time to time in the early 1980s, and then Garry Trudeau took that break, and ... anyway, chase is, I hardly know Doonesbury and sometimes even get the characters of it and Bloom County mixed up in my head. I will get on it.