Sunday, June 19, 2022

U.S. Open, Conclusion

Here was the final top 10 at the National Open:

1.  M. Fitzpatrick (ENG):  -6 (68+70+68+68=274)

T2.  S. Scheffler-5 (70+67+71+67=275)
T2.  W. Zalatoris:  -5 (69+70+67+69=275)

4.  H. Matsuyama (JPN):  -3 (70+70+72+65=277)

T5.  R. McIlroy (NIR):  -2 (67+69+73+69=278)
T5.  C. Morikawa-2 (69+66+77+66=278)

T7.  K. Bradley-1 (70+69+69+71=279)
T7.  A. Hadwin (CAN):  -1 (66+72+70+71=279)
T7.  D. McCarthy-1 (73+70+68+68=279)

T10.  J. DahmenEven (67+68+74+71=280)
T10.  G. WoodlandEven (69+73+69+69=280)

Since the PGA is now played in May, this means that the Golf Season in America is basically finished until the playoff at the end of August.  But we usually don't pay much attention to the playoff, because by then we're focused on football.  Of course, we will watch the British Open, but it still makes sense to summarize what we've seen so far.

Scott Scheffler has been the star of the year.  He won the Phoenix Open, the Arnold Palmer Invitational, the WGC Match Play, and the Masters.  He also came within a few inches of forcing a playoff for the U.S. Open.

Will Zalatoris lost a playoff at the PGA and lost by a few inches at the U.S. Open.  He gets the "Close But No Cigar" award.

Justin Thomas won the PGA, Jordan Spieth won the Heritage, and Rory McIlroy won the Canadian Open.  They all get credit for still being strong contenders, and they will get a lot of attention at next month's British Open.

The PGA Tournament and the U.S. Open were both very good tournaments, with big crowds and high-quality play throughout.  The three major winners -- Scheffler, Thomas, and Fitzpatrick -- were all worthy champions.  All of the courses were set up well, and did a fine job of identifying the best players in the world.

There are real concerns as to whether other potential greats -- such a Brooks Koepka, Bryce DeChambeau, and Dustin Johnson -- will get their games back to the highest levels.  At least two of those folks are going to disappear from the PGA Tour for at least a while, as they will be playing exhibition matches for huge amounts of money.  I'm sure the British press will dig into all of these issues next month.  I will simply say that I will not spend any time trying to figure out what's going on between the PGA and its members.  I will watch the tournaments that I want to watch -- period -- and I will be surprised if any tour that can't get my attention is a financial success.

Of course, golf will never return to the highest levels of public interest until someone breaks through and is dominant for several years.  But we have a solid collection of good young golfers right now, and I really enjoyed this season.  I still wish they would play the PGA at its old date -- we have a big gap in the schedule there now, and I will be very bored on the second weekend in August.  But by now, I'm used to the idea that the people who run sports aren't very good at making their fans happy.

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  1. Since Tiger Woods, Matthew Fitzpatrick (2013 U.S. Amateur Champion) and Bryson DeChambeau (2015 U.S. Amateur Champion) are the only winners of the U.S. Amateur who have also won professional major titles.