Tuesday, June 21, 2022

College World Series, Day Five

Here were the results from yesterday:

Monday, June 20:
Auburn 6, (2) Stanford 2 (Stanford eliminated)
Mississippi 13, Arkansas 5

Today we have two elimination games:  Texas A & M plays Notre Dame at 1 PM Central, and Auburn plays Arkansas at 6 PM Central.


  1. Texas A & M defeats Notre Dame 5-1. After winning their first game at the CWS against Texas, the Irish offense just stopped working.

  2. I'm not posting many comments on these games because there just isn't much drama. Arkansas has jumped out to a 6-0 lead over Auburn in the top of the 4th, so this game is basically over.

  3. There was a poignant moment just now if you're an Auburn fan. With the score 6-0 and a Razorback on second, the batter lofted a long fly ball to left field. The left fielder, who has been looking into the sun throughout the game, lost the ball completely, and was simply standing there, hoping to avoid getting hit. But the ball sailed far over his head, over the fence, and into the bleachers to put Arkansas up 8-0, and effectively end Auburn's season.

  4. Of course, Arkansas was humiliated last year -- number one all season, and then losing at home to North Carolina State in the Super Regionals. So this run through the tournament has been joyous for Razorback fans, who really deserved better last season.

  5. So here's where we will be: Arkansas will have to beat Ole Miss twice to make the final, while the Rebels only have to win once. Meanwhile, Texas A & M -- the only national seed still in contention -- has to beat Oklahoma twice before the Sooners beat them once.

  6. Now they're showing the footage from the 2018 CWS, where Arkansas botched a foul pop with two outs in the ninth inning of the second game of the final, thus blowing a chance for victory over Oregon State. Oregon State stormed back to win that game and the next game, thus taking the title from Arkansas. So the Razorbacks have paid their dues.

  7. Here were Vandy's games in last year's tournament:

    Vandy 10, Presbyterian 0
    Vandy 4, Georgia Tech 3
    Vandy 14, Georgia Tech 11 (11 innings)
    Vandy 2, E. Carolina 0
    Vandy 4, E. Carolina 1
    Vandy 7, Arizona 6 (12 innings)
    N.C. State 1, Vandy 0
    Vandy 6, Stanford 5
    Vandy 3, N.C. State 1
    Vandy 8, Mississippi St. 2

    And then MSU crushed Vandy 13-2 and 9-0 to win the title. But here's the point: Vandy played a lot of close games to reach the final. This year's CWS has had very little drama so far.

    1. Interestingly enough, the Regionals and Super Regionals had a huge amount of drama this year, with all sort of back-and-forth games. But here in Omaha, every game has been pretty lopsided.

  8. So let's rank the 2021-22 sports year:

    MLB: The Dodgers-Giants playoff was amazing, but after that the Braves won without too much trouble.

    College football: Pretty good season, although there wasn't much drama outside of the Georgia-Alabama saga.

    Pro football: The Chiefs-Bills game was spectacular, but neither the Rams nor the Bengals did much for me.

    College basketball: A painful tournament for Kentucky fans, but a pretty good one for neutral fans. Both the UNC-Duke game in the semi-final, and the Kansas-UNC game in the final, were quite good.

    NBA: The Warriors are worthy champs, but no one really challenged them.

    So not a whole lot of drama. But on the other hand, we did get a full season, which was wonderful.

  9. My athlete of the 2021-2022 sports year is Stephen Curry.
    My coach of the 2021-2022 sports year is Kirby Smart.
    My game of the 2021-2022 sports year is the Chiefs-Bills playoff game.

    1. My team of the year is the 2021 Georgia Bulldogs football team.