Thursday, May 26, 2022

Stage 20, Saturday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 Frankfort to Lexington (139KM, 1197M of elevation, 1 Cat 5 climb)

A classic final stage to end in a sprint finish.  

A strange tour for sure.  Especially with all the Cat 5 climbs.  In the Tour of France for instance they don't have any Cat 5 climbs, Cat 4 is the easiest climb they categorize.  It would make for an odd mountains points competition.  I'm sure there would be ways to fit in other Cat 1 and Cat 2 and Cat 3 climbs along the route, but KY just isn't that mountainous.  Hilly yes, mountainous no.  After going through this process I'm not quite sure what kind of rider could win this tour or what kind of teams would be sent.  That would be part of the fun of changing up the state every year is it would make it so different from year to year.  The other option of course is to do 21 stages across 21 states.  Maybe I'll think about that one for the Tour of France.  .  


  1. I spent some time this weekend (because of the Worldle) reading about the Tour of Eritrea.

  2. This is a heck of a pretty closing stage for the Tour of USA, KY Edition.