Thursday, April 28, 2022

2022 NFL Draft

 I've never been a draft person, but I thought it would be fun to predict the draft order.  I have no idea what team will take the players, these are just the spots they will go.  

OK let's see how we did.  I'll add in notes below of when these guys were picked.  

1. Travon Walker, DL Georgia (He went #1, so the analysts had this one right.)

2. Aidan Hutchinson, DL Michigan (He went #2, so again they had this one right)

3. Ikem Ekwonu, OL NC State (Ekwonu didn't go until 6)

4. Ahmad Gardner, CB Cincinnati (Gardner went 4th, so they had this one right)

5. Evan Neal, OL Alabama (Neal went 7th, so both top tackles slipped down further than people expected)

6. Derek Stingley Jr.,  CB LSU (Stingley went 3rd.  I think most analyst were concerned with his health that he would not go so high)

7. Kayvon Thibodeaux, DL Oregon (Thibodeaux went 5th.  With no tackles taken when the Giants were drafting 5th they were able to take Thibodeaux and then get Neal at 7)

8. Charles Cross, OL Mississippi State (He slipped one spot to 9)

9. Jermaine Johnson II, DL Florida State (A huge drop for Johnson all the way to 26.  He was always pegged for the Jets and they got him) 

10. Garrett Wilson, WR Ohio State (Nailed it at 10 for the experts)

11. Drake London, WR USC (London went 8th)

12. Kyle Hamilton, S Notre Dame (Hamilton fell back to 14)

13. Jordan Davis, DL Georgia (Davis went 13 as expected)

14. Malik Willis, QB Liberty (He did not go in the 1st round.  I have a feeling last season made a lot of teams nervous about taking a guy that everyone sees as a project in the 1st round.)

15. Jameson Williams, WR Alabama (Williams went 12th)

16. Trevor Penning, OL Northern Iowa (Penning dropped to 19)

17. Trent McDuffie, CB Washington (McDuffie fell to 21)

18. Chris Olave, WR Ohio State (Olave went at 11, there was a real run on WR)

19. Devin Lloyd, LB Utah (Lloyd fell to 27)

20. George Karlaftis, DL Purdue (Karlaftis fell to 30)

21. Treylon Burks, WR Arkansas (Burkes went at 18)

22. Kenny Pickett, QB Pittsburgh (Pickett went at 20 and was the only QB.)

23. Zion Johnson, OL Boston College (Johnson wet at 17)

24. Devonte Wyatt, DL Georgia (Wyatt went at 28)

25. Kenyon Green, OL Texas A&M (Green jumped all the way to 15)

26. Andrew Booth, CB Clemson (Booth did not go in the 1st round) 

27. Daxton Hill, S Michigan (Hill fell to 31)

28. Tyler Smith, OL Tulsa (Smith went at 24)

29. Logan Hall, DL Houston (Hall did not go in the 1st round)

30. Matt Corral, QB Mississippi (Corral did not go in the 1st round)

31. Desmond Ridder, QB Cincinnati (Ridder did not go in the 1st round)

32. Breece Hall, RB Iowa State (Hall did not go in the 1st round)

So out of all the picks only 5 went when predicted so a 16% success rate.  6 did not even go in the first round and most of that was QBs.  As I had said I didn't see any mocks picking more than 2 QBs I don't think, but there was only 1.  If you look at the list I made it would have assumed a slight run on QB in the first round late.  Everyone was right about the Steelers taking a QB.  

It's funny because I ended up with 4 QBs going in the first round and I haven't seen any mock drafts that put that many in the first round, so I guess we'll see.  The one team everyone is assuming will take a QB is Pittsburgh, so if they are going to get a QB at one of these spots they will either be trading up or trading down as they pick at number 20.

You may be wondering how I came up with this list.  Well I went through a bunch of 1st round mock drafts and tallied up some numbers and so these are in essence where people averaged out players going. 


  1. I'm so delighted to discover this post that I had to scroll to the very bottom to make this comment before reading beyond the first paragraph!

  2. Because the Dolphins had no choice until the third round, I paid attention to less pre-draft stuff than probably since college. I don't know anything about Jermaine Johnson, but that choice, by the Jets, seemed to be the one the NFL Network guys were most excited about Thursday night.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. People on NFL Network were also very excited about the Jets' getting Breece Hall in the second round. I think they traded up.

    Meanwhile, the HP Twitter account today started following NFL22 rookie-of-the-year Channing Tindall.