Sunday, March 27, 2022

If the NCAA Were Regions

Clearly in the world where the NCAA uses regions, the most important game of the year was the Fifth Region final between Duke and UNC.  And, of course, that's the whole problem with playing your tournament in regions.  On the other hand, you don't have to watch two teams from the same region go to the Final Four, which has its own advantages.

After today's games in our world, here's what the tournament looks like in that world:

First Round:
Kansas over Miami (Fla.)
Villanova over Tennessee
Arizona over Purdue
Houston over Gonzaga
Duke or N. Carolina over St. John's
UCLA over Ohio St.
Providence over Iowa St.
Arkansas over Virginia Tech

Kansas v. Villanova
Houston over Arizona
Duke or N. Carolina over UCLA
Arkansas over Providence

Kansas or Villanova over Houston
Duke or N. Carolina over Arkansas

So the final will be the same in both versions of the tournament.

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