Monday, March 14, 2022

Album Reviews: Spoon and MØ


Lucifer on the Sofa by Spoon

Sound Opinions reviewed this album recently and so I would point you to their review.  Jim DeRogatis made a comment in that review that I think is so true.  Spoon music sounds like Spoon.  No matter what they are doing they sound like Spoon and that's a good thing.  This album is heavy on the rock sound, but in the end it's a Spoon record and so if you like Spoon you'll like this record.  I'm not a huge Spoon fan but I like them and if I see they have a new album out I'll give it a listen.   If you feel like some 2022 rock from a band that has been around since the 90's then give this a listen.  

Motordrome by MØ

OK you had me at Danish female pop singer, let's be honest.  This is her third album since 2014.  She blends Euro pop like Kylie Minogue with American pop like No Doubt version Gwen Stefani in an interesting way on this album.  In other words it's back to the 90's.  It works well and is a good clean the house album as it has a lively beat and interesting lyrics without an explicit rating.  


  1. That first one sounds exactly like a Spoon song.

  2. Thanks to Worldle, I can now pick Denmark out on a map in a freaking flash! I failed on the Worldle today, however--got all around the right country but didn't get it.

    I like the strings or synthesizer sounding like strings or whatever on this song.