Thursday, March 3, 2022

Album Reviews: Elvis Costello, The Wombats, and AURORA


The Boy Named If by Elvis Costello & The Imposters

I've never been a huge Elvis Costello fan as I've said on here before but this is an OK album.  It's a rocker and that was nice to hear.  If you are a Costello fan I'm sure you'll find things on this album to like.  

Fix Yourself, Not the World by The Wombats

This is a band I knew nothing about, but they've been putting out albums since 2007 on a consistent basis.  They are a British band that draws on influences from punk, post punk and new wave.  A traditional indie type band from the 2000's you could say.  I found this album fun to listen to.  My 12 year old didn't care too much for it.  

The Gods We Can Touch by AURORA

AURORA came out with her first album in 2016, this is her fifth album.  I know little about her and this is the first of her albums I've listened to.  She's a Norwegian artist that I became aware of a few years ago from the Sigrid album another Norwegian.  My daughter stumbled upon AURORA's first album and liked a number of the songs off of it. 

I found this to be a solid listen and definitely something you can put on in the background while you clean the house.  It's a good mix of music I enjoy.  She's taking a lot of influences from Kate Bush, Bjork, bands like Goldfrapp and it all works really well together.  On top of that she has a very interesting voice.  

My only complaint about the album is that I find it a little long at 15 tracks and I find the second half of the album to be a little less interesting than the first half.  


  1. It has been my experience that Elvis Costello is more important than New Order is to the Class of 1984 by exactly the same ratio that New Order is more important than Elvis Costello to the Class of 1986. It doesn't mean that the Class of 1984 doesn't like New Order or that the Class of 1986 doesn't like Elvis Costello, and it doesn't mean there aren't exceptions. But it's just how the math works on the whole. A wave broke in 1985.

  2. I'm about done with the New Wave revival. I did enjoy it more, however, than New Wave the first time through.

    That said, I like the Aurora song.