Thursday, February 17, 2022


 On Tuesday, the AP released its poll for KHSAA boys' basketball, and the results looked like this:

1.  George Rogers Clark:  26-1
2.  Lou. Male:  22-4
3.  Cov. Catholic:  20-4
4.  Lou. Ballard:  21-6
5.  N. Laurel:  21-5
6.  Ashland Blazer:  19-5
7.  Bowling Green:  22-4
8.  Warren Central:  19-3
9.  Pikeville:  24-1
10.  Greenwood:  22-4

Remarkably, number-7 Bowling Green, number-8 Warren Central, and number-10 Greenwood are all in the 14th District, along with South Warren (13-15) and Warren East (9-16).  Only two of those teams can go to the 8th Region Tournament.  Next week, on February 23, Bowling Green will play Greenwood in the District Semi-Finals, and that will be an elimination game.

Today, MaxPreps released its new rankings, which look like this:

1.  Cov. Catholic:  21-4
2.  George Rogers Clark:  27-1
3.  Lou. Male:  22-4
4.  Lou. Ballard:  21-6
5.  N. Laurel:  22-5
6.  Pikeville:  25-2
7.  Warren Cent:  20-4
8.  Lex. Catholic:  22-5
9.  Bowling Green:  23-4
10.  Madison Cent:  19-9

Here's how MaxPreps rates the top of the First and Second Regions:

16.  McCracken County:  23-2 (on Monday, the Mustangs went to Murray and won 48-47)
39.  Murray:  20-5
42.  Lyon Co:  20-6 (on Friday, the Lyons beat Hoptown 82-56 in Eddyville)
49.  Paducah Tilghman:  17-6
59.  Madisonville-N. Hopkins:  16-7
67.  Hopkinsville:  18-6

Last year, Lyon County went all the way to State in baseball.  Can they now do the same in basketball?


  1. Here are the top ranked teams in each region, according to MaxPreps:

    1st: McCracken Co. (16)
    2d: Lyon Co. (42)
    3d: Owensboro (51)
    4th: Warren Cent. (7) (Bowling Green 9) (Greenwood 17)
    5th: John Hardin (61)
    6th: Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park (15) (Lou. Western 18) (Lou. Doss 20)
    7th: Lou. Male (3) (Lou. Ballard 4) (Lou. Manual 14)
    8th: Woodford Co. (23)
    9th: Cov. Catholic (1) (Cooper 11)
    10th: George Rogers Clark (2)
    11th: Lex. Catholic (8) (Madison Cent. 10)
    12th: Pulaski Co. (12)
    13th: N. Laurel (5) (Knox Cent. 19)
    14th: Perry Co. Cent. (22)
    15th: Pikeville (6)
    16th: Ashland Blazer (13)

  2. And that would give us the following tournament:

    Wednesday, March 16:
    Lou. Pleasure Ridge Park v. Pulaski Co.
    Owensboro v. Woodford Co.
    Perry Co. Cent. v. George Rogers Clark
    N. Laurel v. Pikeville

    Thursday, March 17:
    Lyon Co. v. John Hardin
    Cov. Catholic v. Ashland Blazer
    Lex. Catholic v. McCracken Co.
    Warren Cent. v. Lou. Male

  3. In the Second District Finals, Tilghman beats McCracken County 50-47. That ended a streak of 50 wins in a row for McCracken County against schools in the First Region.

    1. Correction: Eric Chumbler reports that the Mustangs had a 51-game winning streak against Region One. Really gives you a sense of how much fun everyone in the Second Region will have once Hoptown merges with Christian County.

    2. Oh, wow ... I thought Eric Chumbler had quit doing broadcasting.

  4. Crittenden County beats Trigg County 55-54 in the 5th District Semi-Finals, and the Rockets will be going to the Second Region Tournament.

  5. And over in the 4th District, Calloway County (17-13) stunned Murray (22-6) 58 to 50 in the District Final.